How To Optimize Your Working Hours For Greater Productivity

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Running a business can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. For women who love to be their own boss, it is a journey of challenging your limits and pushing past proverbial glass ceilings at once. However, there is a constant circle of improvement involved, which can improve your productivity when done right. If you have noticed that your time and efforts aren’t bringing you proportional results, we may be able to put things in perspective. Follow these four tips and turn your business hours into a highly productive and satisfying period.

  • Turn out all distractions: Being productive demands commitment to show up every day no matter what. Oftentimes, our phones are the main cause of reduced performance due to never-ending notifications. If you’re someone who struggles to keep your focus on the task at hand, you need to start putting your phone on DND. If you tend to scroll through your social media accounts as soon as you wake up, visiting will help you shut the notifications off. This will help you show up with 100% of your capacity when it matters the most.
  • Create a dedicated office space: Working from one particular place every day can help you set the tone for your productivity. Like your body associates lying down on your bed with nap time, your mind can also tune itself to get in the zone of getting work done when there’s a designated workspace established in your home. This also helps you not make you feel drowsy while you’re working while helping you create clear boundaries. If you find it hard to get a peaceful and quiet place at home, consider going to a nearby cafe or co-working space. Or, build a backyard office shed for yourself if you have space to spare!
  • Schedule your tasks: Time management is one of the most essential tasks you’ll learn in your career. As a businesswoman, juggling several hats and working on your project may require several tasks done on a strict timeline. However, managing your time is a skill many struggles with, especially on short notice. It is a great habit to schedule your tasks a day before so that you have an understanding of your day before you get started. This will also help you remain mentally prepared for any unanticipated changes by making quick adaptations.
  • Delegate smaller duties: A business professional knows they have to wear several hats in the initial stages. Not only does it save hiring costs at first, but also helps you bring the message of your brand in a personalized manner. However, once you start to gain traction and the business is running busier, managing multiple tasks across departments may become inconvenient. Hire a professional, freelancer, or consultant to help you with these tasks so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Final Word:

To summarize the abovementioned tips, your personal effort towards improving your process can change the face of your efficiency. Give yourself six months and watch the fruits of your labor flourish!

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