How to Pick the Perfect Music for Your Wedding

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It’s no secret that music triggers memories, and the one day you surely don’t want to forget is your wedding day. Picking the music for one of the most important days of your life is a huge decision. You want to choose music that fits your wedding theme, your personality and something all your guests will enjoy. You and your partner may love heavy metal bands, but your guests may not appreciate their rendition of “Sweet Caroline”. 

Don’t stress, though, because here are some ways you can pick the perfect music for your wedding day.

DJ or Band?

Firstly, you’ll need to decide if you want a DJ or wedding band music. They are both excellent for different reasons, and you’re not limited to one of the other. Many choose a live band during the ceremony and then a DJ for the reception. Alternatively, you could have two live bands, of different styles. If you are partial to a specific genre, then finding a band who plays that style will make a significant impact at your wedding. If you’d rather have more variety in music, then a DJ might be a better choice.

The First Dance. The most important song of the day 🙂

Make a song list

Consider the songs you want to play and what type of band or DJ would suit your choices. Make sure you structure your list based on the flow of your wedding. You won’t want hard-hitting dance tracks immediately following dinner, so keep that in mind. Also, think about the genre of the songs, and if one type of band could pull them all off. Some bands will only play music within their own style. Many bands will adapt popular songs to their style, but there will still be some limitations. DJs can play any songs you request and can play original versions or live remixes.

Match your theme

It’s essential that your music matches the theme that you decide for your wedding. It creates a cohesive vibe throughout and makes it more authentic. If you’re having your wedding in an old barn with whiskey barrels and hay bales, consider choosing a country or folk band. Alternatively, if your wedding is in a classic ballroom with a Gatsby vibe, then opt for a jazz band or oldies. Choosing music related to your theme will really help make your day memorable.

Do your research

Don’t just hire the first band or DJ that you find. Do some research. Watch their demo reels or videos to hear their style and see if you like it. Read reviews from previous clients who have hired them for their weddings to see what their experience was like and how their guests enjoyed the music. It also never hurts to check reputable directories that specialise in wedding musicians. That way, you ensure that all the options are legitimate, high-quality and experienced.

Choosing the perfect music for your special day will help create an experience for you and your guests that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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