Hydramax+ Active – Moisture Mask as a Mothers Day gift

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We’ve tried out a fair selection of masks here at Simply Woman – from mud and clay to gold and iris.  The latest was bee venom.  However this product is in a league entirely of its own.

Firstly it’s Chanel skincare.  Is Chanel the Rolls Royce of skincare?  Not quite…there’s a few brands that blow even them out of the water for ingredients and price point. Chanel’s skincare fits in the “luxury” bracket  but not completely outwith the realms of possibility, especially if you have a specific skincare concern.  Uber dry, mature skin does benefit from a weekly mask and although Mum would probably never think of spending £39 on a mask for herself – she’s not exactly going to say no if you do!


The mask itself feels light and refreshing- you barely notice it’s there and can go around doing your day to day things while it works its magic.  It smells really fresh with hints of botanicals in it so it’s really pleasant to use.  It apparently contains an ingredient called Ceratonia PFA which claims to have unique moisturising powers.  The CHANEL website doesn’t go into any more detail about this ingredient so it’s a bit of a mystery/sciencey ingredient but it certainly works!

I like the application in that you can trowel it on if your skin is really suffering or keep it a light layer to prevent further degradation of the skin quality.  It will last longer this way of course.  It just glides onto the skin and melts in to hydrate the skin where needed.


It’s now taking pride of place on my masks shelf!  I prefer the cream on masks where you can dose out exactly the right amount, smear it on and wash it off.  I’m not a great fan of the ones that are cut out to the shape of your face so everything I have is a fluid.  This is the best one I own and although the ingredients are a bit vague and “sciencey” it certainly does the trick and I’m sure Mums would be very grateful to receive such a lovely bit of skincare as a thoughtful gift on Mother’s Day!


*House of Fraser sent this mask to us for consideration as a Mother’s Day gift.  Currently it’s retailing for £35.10 so grab the bargain while you can! CHANEL Hydramax+ Active

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