I cured myself of Endometriosis and crippling pain by Renee Maguire

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I like most women, spent most of my 20’s on yo- yo diets, from Atkins to South Beach, I had tried it, even the dreaded Cabbage Soup Diet. Through out these fads I never once correlated my suffering of endometriosis to diet or to put it correctly lack of nutrition in my diet. I just considered that once a month I was one of the unlucky ladies who would be laid up in bed, in the fetal position with a big box of Ibuprofen by the bed.

I was told by Doctors that my condition was incurable, nothing could be done, yet here I am today, having not suffered the condition in over 7 years. I didn’t set out to cure myself of this disorder yet this and many more ailments were cured by simple changes to my diet.

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Most people laugh of the expression traveling to find yourself, however I travelled South East Asia for 6 months 7 years ago and did just that. Experiencing all the foods that where available to me in that part of the world and not wishing to eat the traditional Western Food I had grown up eating, I embarked on an experiment of only eating what the locals at in each country that I traveled in.

From Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Lao and Malaysia there is one common trait in the foods they eat, they predominately eat a fresh vegetarian diet. Beginning each day with a Pho Broth, consisting of vegetables, herbs and Spices. Dairy and Red Meat hardly factor in these countries and even a treat of sugar can ice, is juiced fresh on the street. Now this looks like a sugary treat, yet it contains calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and zinc. It also contains iron and vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, along with high concentration of phytonutrients, antioxidants, proteins and soluble fiber and to me it was just a cold icy drink on a very hot and humid day, at this stage I was still unaware of the benefits of eating food that is unprocessed and as nature intended.

My travels took me to Thailand, Samui Spa, where I embarked on my first fasting cleanse. It was by far the biggest shift in my emotional and physical health I had every experienced, cleansing my body of old toxins and at the end being assisted to included even more nutritiously dense foods into my diet. At the end of my 7 day cleans I was introduced to Raw Food, this was a totally new style of cooking or not cooking, but as a chef, the idea of only cooking food that would assist the body in the healing process was the light bulb moment I had bee searching for. I absorbed as much information as I could during my time at the spa, getting to grips with what a dehydration oven is and how it retains the nutrients yet allows us to change the structure of our dishes to create breakfasts such as chia and banana bread with a lucuma cream and one of my all time favourites raw pizza.

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Once back in the UK, my motivation was to go back to the beginning and rather than prepare dishes that would hinder a persons health I would prepare dishes to increase health and wellbeing and through my passion, RawChi Food was set up, my raw food coaching and online superfood company. It was during this time that I began to notice just how much my health had improved, no more menstrual headaches, colds, flu’s all things of the past. My skin, hair and nails were strong and glowing. But the biggest change of all was all signs of endometriosis had gone. I was enjoying a healthy weight and a consistent size 10, having been a 14 for most of my adult life and emotionally I was gaining confidence and drive like I’d never known. I now know that once we stop putting the junk in we stop feeling like junk. By putting organic, vibrant, colourful, living foods into my diet, I have truly began to have a life filled with abundance, my health is A1 and even when I fall of the wagon, drifting into old food habits, its not long before I recognize the shift in how I feel and a few green smoothies later, I am back on track.

I know it can be very hard and even daunting to switch your diet and cut out foods that we have all grown to love, so I developed Luminosity, a special blend of super foods and herbs to help balance out womens hormones. This helped me so much during my transition after returning from the Far East, and I still take it every single day as it just makes me feel so good and best of all its completely natural.


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