‘Ice White’ Wines For This Xmas Season

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How better to enjoy your Xmas dinner than with a fruity, sweet or dry white wine? But if whites aren’t your thing, don’t worry because our recent ‘Big Bold Reds’ feature is still relevant, so do visit that for great Xmas tipples.

From Virgin Wines at www.virginwines.co.uk (see featured image for the below wines)

Mademoiselle de Saint Baville 2011 – 13% abv. This sexy Pouilly Fume has all the sophistication you’d expect from a classy French wine. Sauvignon Blanc grapes are fermented to perfection in this smoke infused offering. (£16.99)

Tempus III Cava Brut NV – 12% abv. A lively and pocket friendly alternative to champagne, this cava doesn’t disappoint. Made from Macabeo grapes, we noted hints of apple and honeydew together with strains of pear in the palate. Pear is also evident in the fruity nose. (£9.99)

Ombra Prosecco Frizzante NV – 11% abv. Smooth, soft bubbles dance in this light peach-toned wine. A very easy drinking fruity white that we’d is drunk alone. (£9.99)

From Laithwaite’s at www.laithwaites.co.uk

LAITHWAITES XMAS WINE 2013Comtesse de Bellefleur is a 12% abv Grande Reserve NV Brut Champagne. Chardonnay and Pinot Nori (70% content) grapes grown in Aube and Marne marry together well in this bubbly with brioche overtones. Bursting with fruit, the palate has a lively finish. Pairs exquisitely with seafood. (£14.99)

This 11% abv Canadian Vidal Icewine by Pilliteri Estates is a sweet wine production, so accompanies deserts very well. The palate is reminiscent of apricots and lychee. Presented in an attractive embossed wardrobe. (£9.99)

From Morrisons at www.morrisonscellar.com

MORISSON XMAS WINE 2013Our second featured Prosecco is this lovely Specially Selected Proscecco Spumante – 11% abv. Delightful bubbles give way to a smooth experience of creamy fruit and lemon flavours. We recommend drinking this alone. (£9.99)

Signature French Viognier – 12% abv is an easy drinking rich Viognier whose palate is heavy on apricot and pear. Short smooth finish. Nectarine graces the fragrant bouquet. Good with white meat and shellfish. (£6.99)

From Black Tower wines comes this very easy drinking Fruity White at 9.0% abv. It has a delicate floral nose with a hint of sweet sherbet on the palate. We loved the groovy packaging that just gets you in the mood for a seasonal jive. RRP around £5.00 from off licences and supermarkets throughout the UK.

From Aldi at www.aldi.co.uk/en/product-range/drinks/wine-cellar

ALDI XMAS WINE 3 2013The Exquisite Collection Italian Chardonnay 2012 – 12.5% abv has a palate of hints of peach dancing with apple and fresh blossom. The clean finish is courtesy of mineral and acid. Good with white meat and fish. (£4.99)

The Exquisite Collection Limoux A.C. 2012 – 12.5% abv is our second featured Chardonnay. Expect all the apple and melon bouquet typical of this lively grape. The palate is buttery and apple laden, overall smooth yet punchy. Good with fish, or for drinking on its own. (£6.99)

This festive season please drinking responsibly – see www.drinkaware.co.uk for guidance on recommended safe alcohol limits for men and women.

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