Imperial Leather Foambursts – gorgeous bathroom goodies

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Continuing my gorgeous bathroom goodies theme, these Imperial Leather Foambursts fit in just perfectly! They come in a wide range of fabulous scent combinations but I picked the “his and hers” options so we could have one each that would compliment our preferences.

The one for “him” is a bracing bergamot and sea minerals foamburst. It has a tangy, citrusy scent with a bright sparkling mineral base and it’s got a nice masculine feel about it.

I, other the other hand like to be pampered with a soothing and pretty fragrance so the blackberry and wild fig suits me down to the ground. The fragrance is rich deep and expensive smelling so it’s a lovely treat!

The foams themselves are deeply indulgent and so thick and smooth I find I can use them as a shaving foam so it saves money on buying two products! You only need a tiny wee bit in the palm of your hand to cover your whole body so be sure to pick a fragance you like – you’ll have it for a while!

Or just buy two 😉


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