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Need inspiration for your latest interior design scheme? Lots of different trends come and go in the world of interiors but it can be fun to try to keep up with them, as it means you get to transform your home every few months. Rather than moving home, cut out the stressful part of uprooting and simply cut to the fun part of decorating again. Here, we take a look at the trends which have really been incredibly popular this year, in the hope that we can provide you with some inspiration for your next home transformation.

Scandi Style

Style inspired by traditional Scandinavian interiors has been all the rage this year so far. Scandinavian style largely encompasses neutral tones and simplistic designs, with touches of nature such as wooden furniture and plant life. It is mainly whites, beiges and pale greys used, sometimes with a splattering of black for a monochrometouch. It’s great if you prefer a minimal look and it has been a firm favourite for years, which shows that it is also timeless. Scandi style will give your home a fresh, elegant look and create a clean, calming space to relax in after a busy day.


You’ve probably noticed many tropical themed items in home interiors shop windows as it has really hit the mainstream this year. The tropical trend consists of lots of pinks and greens with gold aspects such as lights, ornaments and material trims. It also features a lot of leaf designs, and flamingos are also a common theme in a lot of these tropical patterns. The tropical theme is young and fun, with busy prints and bold patterns, and plenty of plant life. You may also notice a lot bamboo, wicker and other woodwork adding to the natural, jungle-like theme.

Art Deco

Art Deco is a term used to describe the kinds of interiors you would notice in films about the roaring twenties such as The Great Gatsby. Some of the materials you’ll often see are marble, metals like gold, the huge best seller that is geometric prints and amazing geometric glass chandeliers. To add a touch of modernity to this classic lighting style, see how you can automate your Lighting Controls. Art deco is all about twenties decadence; mirrors, metallics, and bold, simple patterns. The colours used in art deco interior schemes are usually rich blues, golds, and reds but you will also see monochrome making an appearance.

Interior design is not just reserved for the experts; anyone can read up on and implement some basic ideas and trends in their own homes. There are a few basic interior design rules that everyone should follow such as how to balance out the room and where to draw the line in terms of having enough different colours, textures and patterns without it becoming overcrowded. But when it comes to style, it is entirely down to your own personal tastes and this is where trends come in handy. Interior design trends are brilliant sources of inspiration and some styles are so timeless that they not only keep coming back around but can also be permanent fixtures in every season’s style guide. This year have a look at scandi, tropical and art deco styles for some ideas on how to decorate your home. For more interiors tips, take a look at

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