Learning to bounce back – in the south of France

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You’ve lost out on a promotion, failed an industry exam or been gazumped over the house of your dreams. How do you deal with such set-backs?

Are you immobilised by regret, disappointment or worry? Or do you quickly shrug it off and refocus on the future?

These are not the kind of issues you expect to tackle while on holiday. But if you decide to attend Chartered Psychologist Graham W Price’s “Training and Sailing” course in the South of France, then be ready to learn how to shrug them off and come bouncing back with the resilience of the Duracell bunny.

Some coaches and development trainers argue there’s no such thing as failure, only learning opportunities.  Graham disagrees.  He advocates acceptance rather than attempting to ‘reframe’ the set back in a positive way The key to resilience is to be able to accept negative situations and events, at the same time as focusing on action to change and improve the future.

Graham points out that almost all negative thoughts, such as regret, unhappiness or stress involve wishing something were ‘already’ different. In other words we’re wishing something that’s happened hadn’t happened or that a situation that exists right now didn’t exist right now. Both are wishing for the impossible.  Wanting things to be already different is called ‘resisting what is’. The opposite is ‘accepting what is’, which simply means not wishing things were already different. Being able to ‘accept what is’ is the basis of resilience. It allows us to focus only on action to improve the future.


And this is just the start. As part of his ‘Power to Choose’ training in Port Grimaud, near glitzy St Tropez, in the South of France, Graham teaches a range of simple, easy-to-apply techniques that will give you personal resilience and control.  You’ll join a small, exclusive group for a week of tuition, relaxing, sailing, swimming, and yes, some drinking.

The days start with breakfast al fresco on the terrace of Graham’s private house in Port Grimaud. His yacht is moored a few feet away and the gentle lap of water as tiny boats move about on the morning bread-run adds to the relaxed ambience.

Breakfast is followed by training from Graham and a chance to question, test and practice some of the concepts Graham puts forward. Then it’s out on his 50 foot Beneteau Oceanis and an opportunity to learn some sailing basics, or if you already know the ropes, a chance to show off your skills.


Lunch  on the yacht, a dip in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, a spot of sunbathing an some more training from Graham means the afternoon is a magical combination of luxury and learning.

In the evening its dinner under the stars, chilled glasses of the local wine and good conversation, as the day’s ideas are discussed and individual insights are shared.


It’s a great way to relax and spend a week, and the added benefit is the effects will last forever – rather than fading as your plane touches down.

By learning Positive Acceptance and the basics of Acceptance Action Training you’ll remove dissatisfaction from your life.  These tools will enable you to be motivated by your future, rather than debilitated by your past. In my experience this gives you a certain level of resilience that will change your life.

Unlike so many other workshops, I didn’t find these techniques difficult to apply once back in the “real world”. After a week my thinking had changed, and with it, so had my behaviours.  I wish every holiday could deliver so much!


The Power to Choose trainings run from April to August in Port Griamud, South of France. Prices are from £975.00 including accommodation, airport transfers, meals, wine, training and sailing. Flights not included. Couples / room-share from £775.00 each plus flights.

For more information contact: enquiries@abicord.com or             020 7858 2241       or see www.abicord.com/port-grimaud


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