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The Little Chocolate Dress

Fashionista’s look out – this season, there’s a mouth-watering must have storming the runway! Crafted using 50kg of Lindt EXCELLENCE chocolate and taking a painstaking two weeks to create, the sweet, show-stopping dress was officially unveiled at Salon du Chocolat’s world famous fashion show in London today Friday 18 October.

Modelled by Fiona Bitmead

Modelled by Fiona Bitmead

The dress, entitled Eternal Diamond, was designed by Graduate Fashion Week Gold Award winner 2013, Lauren Smith (23) in collaboration with the renowned Lindt Master Chocolatier. It was specially created by award winning food artist, Paul Wayne Gregory.  The 100% handcrafted dress involved several hours of perfecting the intricate detailing and embellishments alone.  The final dress then needed a further 24 hours of hand painting with Lindt EXCELLENCE chocolate.

Drawing on her inspiration for the one-off design, Lauren said, “It was such an exciting opportunity to create my first ever chocolate dress and work with the Lindt Master Chocolatier who is as passionate about chocolate as I am about fashion. The elegant chocolate diamond is the iconic symbol of Lindt EXCELLENCE…the dress looks as good as it tastes.” Lindt’s Master Chocolatier said, “Working together…created something truly bespoke, which captures the essence of Lindt EXCELLENCE…bringing the Eternal Diamond off the page and onto the runway. Fashion never looked so tasty!”

The chocolate dress is showcased at the Gala Chocolate Fashion Show at Salon du Chocolat as part of the closing celebrations of National Chocolate Week (October 14-20).  Lindt will be selling and sampling a range of chocolate at stand 95, National Hall, Olympia (London) until Sunday 20 October.

Lindt & Sprüngli Facts

  • Since 1845 Lindt & Sprüngli has produced and delivered a superior chocolate experience through products that combine more than 165 years of unrivalled craftsmanship and expertise with the highest quality ingredients.
  • Lindt’s rigorous recruitment process ensures only the best chocolatiers can proudly bear the name of Lindt Master Chocolatier.

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