Making Wise Choices When Treating Dogs with Fruits

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Sharing is caring; we were taught this in kindergarten, which most people apply in their lives. So much so that they even share their favorite vegetables and fruits with their dogs. This surreal act of sharing often plays a significant role in bettering your relationship with your furry friend. 

You must be thinking that whatever fruit you can eat, your doggo, too, can, right? Well, it is not necessary. Some fruits may be healthy for them, while others may cause health issues. 

You can indeed use fruits as treats for your canine. However, you must first understand that dogs have different needs. So, the choice of fruits and how to use them as a treat will also vary. 

Therefore, we’re here with this post that mentions tips to make wise choices for treating canines with fruits. 

Safe and Beneficial Fruits for Furry Friends

Let’s talk about fruits that are safe and good for our furry friends, like dogs. These fruits are like yummy treats that can also help keep them healthy.

  • Pineapple: Many people wonder, ‘Can dogs eat pineapple?’ Well, fortunately, yes, they can. However, it is naturally rich in sugar and fiber; therefore, you should be careful while feeding it to your canine. The ratio should be 90% of food and 10% of fruit. If your furry friend has any health concerns, you must consult the vet first. 
  • Bananas: They are soft and easy to eat. They have potassium, which is a special nutrient that helps dogs’ muscles work well. Dogs usually love the taste of bananas. 
  • Watermelon: It is like a watery fruit. It can help keep dogs hydrated because it has lots of water. But you have to remove the seeds and the hard outer part before sharing them with your dog.
  • Strawberries: These small and cute pieces have vitamins and antioxidants that are good for furry friends. Make sure to cut them into tiny pieces so they’re easy to eat.

Remember, while these fruits are safe and tasty, giving them in small amounts is important. Too much of even good things can sometimes be not so good. And always make sure your furry friend likes the fruit and doesn’t have any tummy troubles after eating it!

Preparing Fruits for Your Canine 

There are two ways to offer fruits to your canines: frozen and fresh.

For fresh treats, you need to wash the fruit well, as you do for your own snacks. Remove any seeds, pits, or hard parts that might be hard to chew. Cut the fruit into small pieces so it’s easy for your dog to eat without any problems.

For frozen treats, you can cut the fruit into little pieces and put them in the freezer. After they’re frozen, they become like icy snacks for your furry friend! It’s like a cool treat, especially on hot days.

Always ensure the treats are the right size for your dog and easy to munch on. And if your dog doesn’t like a certain fruit, that’s okay! Everyone has their favorite flavors.

Bottom Line 

Making your canine eat fruits is a great way to show your love and care for hem. However, you must talk to the vet and understand the individual needs. If your furry friend has health issues, the vet will suggest the fruits accordingly. Also, fruits are natural products, but you should still feed them in moderation. 

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