Monsoon Rose Gold Eau de Parfum

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Monsoon Rose Gold perfume was released a few months ago in November 2015 (just in time for Christmas) and it’s been doing well ever since.

Monsoon brought in experienced “nose” Christian Provenzano to create their debut fragrance and he hasn’t disappointed.  Christian was best known for creating the original Agent Provocateur and the follow up – Maitresse.  You can see the similarities in the shape of the bottle and the complexity of the fragrance, in particular the vanilla/musk dry down.

Compared to the other High Street brands such as NEXT, M&S and Zara it’s quite expensive (£24 for 30ml, £29 for 50ml and £35 for 100ml)

Most of the aforementioned come in around £8-£15 whereas Monsoon Rose Gold starts around £24.  This is definitely in line with the brand image – a dress from Zara or NEXT wouldn’t be a patch on a beautiful silk creation from Monsoon, so it would make sense it was a slightly higher price point.  100ml of fragrance for £35 is still great value though and it’s a lovely fragrance which will suit lots of women – from teens to grandmas and from lunch to dinner date.  It’s the kind of fragrance you can get away with buying for someone if you don’t know what they like as it’s pretty safe, not too intrusive and not too much of a stand out scent.

It’s a simple yet effective construction, from the classic citrusy top notes which sparkle then fade away – to the pretty, flowery orange blossom (neroli) heart notes and finally a warm base with a tiny hint of amber – but predominantly musk and vanilla.  It’s easy to wear, it translates well into any environment and has the elegance to carry a woman of any age.  It’s your “everyday” fragrance, toss it in your bag, keep a bottle at work, spritz it liberally.

I also like the box it comes in, very sturdy and a lovely clean white with the rose gold writing on it to tie into the theme.

If you are are looking for a perfume gift for a lady, it’s not a bad shout at all, Monsoon is a pretty well respected brand by most women so you can’t go far wrong with this.  Or if you are looking for a well priced, every day perfume it’s also well recommended.

Look out for it at your nearest Monsoon store!



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