Necklaces for women

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Necklaces are one of the most loved accessories by all women, but it is not enough to find only the preferred model, you also need to know how to choose the right length to avoid making the mistake of highlighting parts of the body not really perfect. What is the necklace that best suits your look? The options can really be the most varied.


Among models and variants, classics and new trends, the world of necklaces is truly diverse. You can start with the chokers, considered very sexy necklaces with a length of 35 cm, they are especially suitable for women with a long and slender neck as they were created to enhance the neck. For the correct length of the choker, it must rest gently on the base of the neck. The necklaces can also be combined with small pendants or even better with small light points that highlights even more the neck, and in this case their length is around 45 centimetres.

Mid-length necklaces

In addition to necklaces, we also find the classic mid-length necklaces: this type of necklace is the one preferred by most women, and while necklaces accentuate the neck, this type of necklace highlights the décolleté. The length of these chains varies from 50 cm of the classic size to 60 cm and you can wear it in double (but also triple or quadruple!) row. Of this type you will find beautiful necklaces on Nomination’s website: each collection has its own personality and its own unique and unmistakable style.

They are made with the most precious materials of the Made in Italy goldsmith tradition: from steel, to the classic yellow gold, to the bright pink gold, silver, and hard stones. Among the proposals in classic gold, but always current, you will certainly find the one that best suits your personality and your looks, but you will also find the perfect gift for a special person. Whether you’re looking for a modern style necklace with rigorous lines, or a soft necklace with a charming pendant, you’re sure to find it among the many Nomination jewels available, including pearl necklaces, cute bow-shaped pendants and details made with brilliant Cubic Zirconia. For every woman his necklace in precious yellow gold!

These necklaces are the perfect accessory to be worn in any occasion, making every look immediately elegant and very personal. But there are many women’s proposals, not only medium length necklaces: from long and delicate necklaces enriched by Cubic Zirconia, to very elegant short necklaces, such as those enriched by the timeless charm of pearls. You will also find necklaces perfect for children, made of steel, silver, yellow or pink gold: choose from the many pendants dedicated to children, you will find good luck symbols, cute animals such as dogs and cats, hearts, angels and crosses, perfect as a gift.

Long necklaces

Another category of necklaces are long necklaces. These chains have a length between 70 and 80 centimetres, and to be the right length they must reach the height of the navel. These necklaces emphasize the belly. You can select one with symbols such as hearts, feathers and letters. Combine it with sporty looks, a white t-shirt matched with jeans and sneakers will be valorised by an ironic pendant, maybe one that has an important meaning for you. A long necklace with a heart-shaped pendant is always a good idea when it comes to choosing the pendant that will accompany our days with a touch of romance. If you love to wear funny accessories that wittily tell something about the wearer, there are necklaces from the Messaggiamo collection by Nomination: long steel necklaces decorated with pendants with very personal messages, cubic zirconia details, chains and glitter. Choose your favourite: the pendant always turns into a single earring to be created with the accessory supplied with the purchase of each necklace in the collection!

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