Penclic’s B3 Wireless Mouse Reduces Strain Injury

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This gift looks like a pen in a holder, however closer inspection reveals an ergonomically designed, high tech gadget that is the Penclic B3 mouse. Masterminded in Scandinavia it aims to reduce irritation to the wrist and fingers by avoiding the unnecessary rotation that can occur using a traditional mouse.

Essentially the Penclic B3 is a pen attached to a base via a ball joint. Measuring 14 cm overall, it is about twice the girth of a standard writing pen and can be rotated 360 degrees on its base, making it ideal for both left and right handed users. The pen can be rotated 360 degrees on its base and is great for left and right handed users alike. It has a grooved grip on its shaft for extra security while surfing and a scroll wheel to navigate Internet web pages. The magic lies in the ball joint, which allows the user to adjust the pen angle to the most comfortable operating position. The base houses the standard mouse sensor.

Operation via bluetooth
To connect the mouse to your PC or other device, depress the button on the underside of the base and your device will initiate contact. To charge the mouse, push the usb cable into the port on the base. A green light indicates it’s charging, a red light indicates low power.

To mimic cursor screen movements, you need to move the whole unit in the same way a traditional mouse is manoeuvred on a mouse mat.

Moving across the screen is achieved via one of three ‘dots per inch’ settings – 800, 1200 or 1600. Adjust this setting via the button on the underside of the base. A higher setting means less effort is required to ‘drag’ the mouse across the mouse mat. This also translates to the speed of cursor movement across your device’s screen. Our verdict? If you’re used to a traditional mouse, operating a pen-styled mouse may take getting used to.

The Penclic B3 mouse currently retails at around £80. Also in the package is one drawstring carry pouch, one AAA battery, a usb charging cable, a user guide and a technical specifications list. For more information visit Penclic mice.

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