Potential home remedies for women’s health issues

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There are several health issues that just us women have to suffer with. Aren’t we lucky! 

Everything from osteoporosis, PID, endometriosis, and breast cancers are just a few, but then there are other smaller conditions like pregnancy-related issues, menstrual problems, vaginal infections, and menopause that kindly grace us with their presence. 

Well, if you’re fed up of ‘having it all’, and want to find a way to relieve the symptoms of any of the above conditions, there are plenty available. Although none of the below remedies are medically proven treatments, they are well known to alleviate the pains and struggles of women’s health issues. 

Causes of women’s health issues 

Women-specific health issues can be caused by all sorts of things. Everything from smoking and obesity to a sedentary lifestyle can create problems for our bodies. A lot of health concerns can be hereditary, too, making it difficult to manage or treat them. 

Diet can also play a big role and create vitamin or mineral deficiencies. This can cause problems with hormonal imbalances and more. It’s all a bit doom and gloom, isn’t it? 


Depending on the problem or condition, the symptoms are hugely varied. But, if you’re suffering from any of the above ailments, you can likely enjoy pain, fatigue, sweating, and other illnesses related to the condition. Menstrual and vaginal infections can come with their fair share of symptoms, too, like heavy bleeding, cramps, dryness, and nausea. 


As we’re all now super aware of what we put in our bodies, a lot of women are looking for natural remedies for common symptoms and conditions. That’s why we’re sharing a few for you to try. 


Yarrow, witch hazel bark, and motherwort are all types of herbs that, although they may not be on the spice rack, can help to alleviate symptoms of women’s health issues. 


Camomile is great for alleviating stress that can make menstrual symptoms worse. Camomile tea before bed or a homemade balm could help you manage the pain that little bit better and is known for remedying problems like PMS.

Herbal tea

If, like most of us, you’re not quite sure the local supermarket will have plantain witch hazel bark, there are plenty of common herbal teas that can soothe symptoms. 

Infusions of cinnamon and raspberry, peppermint, cloves, and anise are all supposed to be quite successful home remedies for morning sickness, excessive lactation, and other pregnancy-related problems. 


Although pregnant women should not use CBD, it has been believed to help with other female health issues like cramping, pain, and insomnia. There’s not a lot of research into CBD right now, but early reports suggest it could have anti-inflammatory properties that impact the endocannabinoid system. If you’re ready to try something new, buy CBD oil from platinumcbduk.com and add a few drops into your bath before bed. 


For yeast infections, yoghurt is your best go-to, delicious home remedy. 

Although these home remedies don’t have much scientific backing, anything that could potentially relieve symptoms is worth a try, right?

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