Prepare to bare all this summer – including your pearly white teeth!

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The recent trend for teeth whitening has come full circle to the point where people are now requesting “pearly” white teeth rather than Simon Cowell/Richard Hammond tippex white.  The subtle pearly shade looks much more natural, doesn’t startle those you grin at and is more easily maintained.

For great teeth we like to use a whitening toothpaste rather than going the full hog and getting a £300 dental whitening treatment.  Think of all those summer holiday snaps with you looking tanned and radiant – don’t let your teeth let you done!

Colgate Max White One isn’t strong enough to give you striking white teeth – you will get pearly, radiant teeth than make you look healthy and are the best accessory with a tan!  It contains temporary optical brighteners that put a sheen on your teeth (as well as keeping them clean and all that jazz)

Having tried it on unbrushed teeth you can definitely see a 1-2 shade difference – it’s a great temporary fix but if you have problems with teeth eg sensitive, tartar, gum problems this shouldn’t be your primary toothpaste.

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