Prestat Marc de Champagne Truffle Collection

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Prestat’s founding family created the chocolate truffle in Chambery, France, for a Christmas feast in 1895, a few years before founding the Prestat business in London in 1902.

This Marc de Champagne Truffle Collection continues Prestat’s passion for innovation by introducing a new recipe for Kir Royale truffles as well as four other flavours; Milk, Dark, Strawberry and Pink Champagne.  Roald Dahl, who described the Prestat truffle as “the source of all genius” in his book My Uncle Oswald, would definitely have approved!

From the fun and distinctive packaging, designed by the renowned artist and illustrator Kitty Arden, right down to the sumptuous selection of chocolates nestling inside, chocolate has never been so deliciously decadent!


Stocked at the Prestat shop ( 020 7494 3372), 14 Princes Arcade, Piccadilly, London SW1Y 6DS and online at

Also available in the New Harrods concession and Harrods Duty Free


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