Pretty new makeup palettes from Khroma

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the Marmite of the media industry – The Kardashian family.  Some love their high maintenance, glamorous style – others find the letter k at the front of everything a little tiresome – but love ’em or hate ’em they are here to stay.

Even if you are not a fan of the TV show or even the new Dotty P’s clothing line (no florals or frills here – all edgy sexy clothing)  it is worth checking out these really reasonably priced palettes if you are a makeup fan. Designed by each sister – they come with a fab range of 8 shadows and one each of bronzer, blush and highlighter.  These palettes are flying the flag for their Khroma Beauty range due to hit the UK very soon!

Not only are the palettes lightweight and handbag size – they also come with a decent amount of product and a mirror!

Let’s start with the most famous of the sisters – Kim

Kim’s Kardazzle has a sultry blue theme.  I thought at first blues can be a little unwearable for lots of people but these are more smokey greys and blues and translate onto the skin with a more forgiving shade.  I love the 4 matt shades – easy enough to create either a light daytime smokiness or build up the colour and really smoke at night.  The glitter shades are also fab although they’d get much less use in my household.  The black glitter one at the end is a great dupe for NARS “Night Breed”

The blush is very pinky toned and the bronzer has a peachy hint but these are pretty wearable colours.

Kim’s Kardazzle


Kim’s palette swatched


Khloe’s Palette is classic neutrals – think NAKED palette at well over half the price.  Some glimmery shades, some very matt and neutral.  There’s a couple of slightly orangey hued shades which aren’t my cup of tea but the soft taupes and fawns are perfect for either base colours or sweeping over the lid for a barefaced chic look and the slightly darker bronzes are idea for a “day to evening” look without going all out for the Kim “smoke”.  Khloe’s blush is more peachy so easier for a wider range of women to wear and the bronzer slightly more neutral than Kim’s.

Khloe’s Kardazzle Palette


Khloe’s Kardazzle Swatched


I think it’s fair to say these palettes will be judged by many on the antics of the sisters and not the actual makeup itself which is a shame.  It’s like buying a Britney perfume – yes she’s a bit mental and went totally off the rails – but actually…quite a nice perfume at a very reasonable price.  Kourtney’s palette is pinky/purpley and really pretty too!

Moral of the story – don’t judge a book by its cover.  Highly recommended that you check out these palettes at


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