Reasons to Consider a Career in Public Health

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In today’s gig economy, stable employment and consistent paychecks have become relics of the past for many jobseekers. Unsurprisingly, this type of job market can lead to a plethora of problems, including persistent anxiety, chronic stress and financial instability. While it’s true that many fields have tailored jobs to fit the current market, dependable fulltime work is still out there, provided you have the right degree.

This is where a field like public health comes into play. As the name suggests, public health refers to the collective wellbeing of the entire populace. Obtaining a master’s in this field can open a wide range of doors and imbue you with considerable earning power. Anyone thinking about a career in public health is urged to consider the following perks.  

Have a Lasting Impact on the Lives of Others

If you’re passionate about charity and altruism, public health is arguably the most suitable field you can work in. Public health professionals occupy many important roles, including healthcare administrators, health and safety engineers, research analysts and health informatics specialists — to name a few. Most jobs in the public health sector provide people with daily opportunities to create lasting change and positively impact the lives of others.

Anyone interested in turning helping people into a full-time occupation is an ideal candidate for a public health degree. Although they talk a big game and have good intentions, most people rarely engage in altruism or actively help those in need. Conversely, as a public health professional, you’ll be able to spend each day contributing to the greater good.     

Enjoy Enviable Job Security  

In the current market, job security is a dwindling commodity. In an effort to cut costs, many businesses have frozen fulltime hiring, opting instead for part-time and contract positions. As a result, countless members of the workforce are constantly on the hunt for new jobs. In fact, traditional nine-to-five office jobs are considered rarities by many people who have entered the workforce in recent years.

Fortunately, job security is seldom an issue for people who hold degrees in public health. Public health careers like the ones listed above are in consistently high demand and are virtually untouchable by the gig economy. So if you’ve been mulling the idea of earning a master’s in public health online, there’s no time like the present to get the ball rolling.

Control Where You Live and Work

With a master’s in public health, you can essentially write your own ticket when it comes to where you live and work. Whether you’re happy in your current locale or would like to move to another part of the country, you’ll have a wide variety of opportunities from which to choose. Although many careers require people to live in specific areas, public health opportunities are readily available in small towns and major cities. If you have your heart set on a certain state, city or town, a master’s in public health can help get you there.   

Feel Professionally Fulfilled

It’s no secret that most people don’t enjoy their jobs. This isn’t to say that the majority of the workforce actively loathes what they do, but given the option, most of us would be happier not working. People tend to view their jobs solely as a means for survival. Without work, there’s no money, and without money, there’s no quality of life.

However, as evidenced by people who work in public health, it’s entirely possible to earn a comfortable living and feel professionally fulfilled. When people feel like what they do makes a difference, job satisfaction tends to be high, and it’s hard to argue that public health professionals aren’t perpetual difference-makers.  

As anyone currently on the hunt for a sustainable career can tell you, the job market is rough. Even with employment numbers on the upswing, many new jobs are temporary, part-time and/or contract gigs as opposed to long-term positions. However, this isn’t to say that secure full-time positions have gone away entirely. Depending on the type of degree you hold, many employers are ready and willing to welcome you into the fold. Earning a master’s in public health can expand your career options exponentially and make you an attractive hire to a wide range of public and private sector organizations.

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