Releasing funds from old or unwanted jewellery

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If, like me you have an unwanted piece of jewellery that was perhaps passed down or gifted to you – is there any point in it sitting unused in a drawer somewhere?  Yes you can bequeath it to your children or their partners but perhaps it will remain unwanted.  In these hard and unprecedented times the money could be used to help purchase a car that would lead to a job or to plug a gap in savings that have been decimated by the pandemic.  Our family members wouldn’t want us experiencing hardship whilst a valuable piece of metal sat in a drawer I’m pretty sure!

But what to do?  With Ebay you don’t know who you are getting as a buyer, nor the value of your item other than going by what else has been sold for that price.  You could take it to a pawn shop but you wouldn’t get full value for it and specialist vintage jewellers probably don’t have the time for smaller ticket items or stuff that isn’t very unusual.

This is where a website like who have years of experience as both buyers and sellers of jewellery, online and offline and can advise you on your sale (or purchase) to ensure you get the best out of it.

All you have to do is send the item after it has been sold through the website and they will authenticate it and professionally clean it to make sure the buyer is entirely satisfied when they receive it. This protects both buyers and sellers so that both can walk away from the transaction happy and better off.

I’m going to give it a shot with a piece of jewellery which is a gold necklace with a receipt of purchase and see how I get on.  I’ll update the post as I go with how I found the service!


So last night I took some pics of my piece of jewellery and uploaded it to the site. Someone called me today and went through some options of either selling based on weight or through the website VIP service – where they would photograph and store the item until sold.

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