Run for Love and Put Your Foot Down on Child Trafficking & Exploitation

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The international charity Love146, who work towards the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation, is hosting a charity run RUN FOR LOVE on Saturday 6th October 2012 at Richmond Park. Runners from London and all across the UK will be joining forces to raise awareness and funds for this non-profit organisation.

With approximately 1.2 million children being sold into slavery every year (that’s 2 children every minute, by UNICEF estimates), the global child sex slavery and trafficking industry is thought to be worth £7.5 billion pounds annually. With these horrific statistics in mind, Love146 was inspired to make a difference. The European division of Love146 in particular focuses on creating awareness and addressing the lack of care given to children that are currently being trafficked into the UK. In addition, Love146 is in the process of developing innovative educational tools to safeguard UK children against being groomed and exploited in our own cities.

Love146 is proud to announce that BBC TV’s ‘Total Wipeout’ host Amanda Byram is an Ambassador of the charity.  Amanda has recently visited the Love146 survivor care home in the Philippines, where the Love146 programme ‘Asia Aftercare’ is in action.  The aim of the programme is to restore hope to survivors through holistic aftercare as well as training caregivers.

“I became involved with Love146 because I feel so passionate about helping children who have been sold into slavery… I have seen with my own eyes that children can recover and rediscover a happy and normal life.  Every child deserves this freedom and so this year I will be putting my foot down on child trafficking” 

Amanda Byram, Love146 Ambassador 

Encouraged by the success of RUN FOR LOVE in 2011, Founder Caleb Packham is inspired to reach new heights in 2012; saying: “RUN FOR LOVE 2011 was a huge success, with 110 runners raising over £70K. This year, we hope more people will join the abolition movement and help us to reach our target of £146K!”


Love146 is inviting everyone out there to join us in the RUN FOR LOVE 14.6K challenge. If you want to join the movement, then come and put your foot down at Richmond Park on Saturday 6th October 2012 by going to to sign up. Together we can make a change.

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