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With World Sleep Day on the 18th Match, 40% of people globally admit to having sleep problems1 

In the western world, over 60% of people sleep with their phone at night and spend an hour on their phones before bed2 

Sex tech wellness brand Satisfyer has developed an app to allow us to get the best from our phones at bedtime 

Orgasm, be it through sex or masturbation, is proven to help people sleep better3 

Health, satisfaction and empowerment are the three pillars of the Satisfyer effect and with National Sleep Month upon us and World Sleep Day on the 18th of March, there has never been a more key time to look at this health aspect and how we can get a better night’s sleep and put our screentime to better use at bedtime.  

Globally, 40% of us will have sleep issues and although we are told again and again not to use our phone before bed, the truth is over 60% of us do. With this mind, Satisfyer, the award-winning sexual wellness brand, who blend sexual wellness and tech, have some advice on using your screen time the right way, and how having an orgasm can help you drift off easily.  

Orgasms help you sleep (as well as with your overall health)  

Many people go to bed and feel anxious with the stresses of the day and worries of the tomorrow on their mind. Having an Orgasm will release oxytocin, which is known to relieve anxiety (it will also improve your mood and boost your immunity). Following climax, be it with a partner or through self-masturbation, the body releases another hormone called prolactin, which promotes the feeling of satisfaction and happiness, at the same time the production of cortisol, a hormone that induces alertness and excitement, will die down, meaning our bodies are in prime state for sleep. 

For women there is a boost of estrogen as well after an orgasm (an added bonus) which not only helps women to fall asleep quickly but also will gives a deeper sleep state. 

Satisfyer Connect a free app to help you explore intimacy before you fall asleep  

With many people forced apart during the pandemic, Satisfyer launched Satisfyer Connect, a free app that lets people control usage of their sexual wellness products from anywhere in the world. If your partner can’t be with you physically, then Satisfyer can connect you. Allowing them to have control of your pleasure at bedtime and beyond.  

The app allows us all to explore digital intimacy, be it with a partner or through self-love. So instead of scrolling through Instagram before bed, put your mobile screen time to better use. The sexual wellness app offers a new dimension of sexual experience, with more than 1,000,000 downloads and 200,000 monthly active users. You can explore new pleasures, hear some erotic audio, and even let your falling asleep music work in tandem to your favorite sex toy.   

Sleep orgasms are a thing 

You don’t have to be awake to orgasm either, yep, that is right, sleep orgasms are a thing.  Studies have shown that both sexes can orgasm during their sleep. Although rare in females, ‘nocturnal orgasm’ as it is known is a combination of elevated blood flow to the pelvic area and being relaxed which increases arousal. Often it will be triggered by a sexual dream and then a deep slumber, resulting in the body having an orgasm without any external stimulation. Some people don’t ever get them, and some will get them often.  

Megwyn White, Director of Education at Satisfyer and Certified Clinical Sexologist says: ”Exercising fantasy right before bed is a wonderful way to release stress and unload your mind of worries by pivoting its attention towards pleasure. Studies reveal that reading fiction, in general, can have a positive impact on our mental health and can support you in getting better sleep. Erotic fiction may offer even more benefits than traditional fiction due to its ability to engage both the mind and body while flexing the muscles of fantasy to help you uncover your deeper desires. An erotic story before bed is also a wonderful way to expand the bandwidth of your own erotic mind while giving you something exciting to take into your dreamworld.”

As we look to World Sleep Day and in honor of National Sleep Month, why not explore and experiment with your orgasm and the Satisfyer Connect app, to help you have a better night’s sleep.  

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