Spring Workout Tips and Secrets

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Right now, at this very moment, the gyms are full of people taking advantage of the cold and dreary weather to put in the effort and make sure they will be fighting fit to greet the spring – when it finally decides to arrive. Most gym-goers know what workouts are best for them, but there are a few useful bits of information they – and you may not be aware of. Here are some handy things to know when embarking on your spring workout.

Avoid the allergies

The weather may still be wintry, but don’t let that fool you – allergy season is still in full effect. Fitness activities outdoors can quickly become miserable when hay fever and other afflictions strike. This is one reason why spring workouts down the gym are so useful, since you can hide from irritants and still work on your summer figure. After your workout be sure to wash your face and shower, and wash the clothes you’ve been training in.

Select some top spring fitness activities

If you can exercise in the open air without succumbing to allergies or the temperature, then there are some great ways to get fit perfect for this season. Hula hooping is a low cost, low impact yet highly effective activity, keeping all your major muscle groups busy and laying the perfect foundation for other training. Walking and cycling are also an excellent way to increase fitness and stamina, while for a higher impact activity that is fantastic for cardio workouts, turn up the power and go running.

Seek out the right apps

Recovering from the winter slump and readying for the summer can be hard without motivation, and luckily nowadays there’s a whole array of helpful tech fixes just waiting to help you from your smartphone. Look out for such free apps as MyFitnessPal, which monitors your daily calorific intake and lets you scan barcodes to discover a product’s nutritional information. To motivate you to visit the gym with hard cash, try free app GymPact, which gets you to “bet” a sum at the start of the week that you’ll visit a set number of times. If you fail to do so, you lose the stake, which goes into an online pool. If you succeed, you scoop the wager!

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