Summer Vacays for Gap Year

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Maybe you and your friends are going off to different colleges and you want to spend the last few weeks of your youth hanging out by the pool, reading, enjoying each other’s company and wondering about your plans in life and where you would like to be in 10 years time.  Playing cards, relaxing on dull days and exploring lagoons and coves – making memories that will carry you

What about a cute little villa in the Mallorcan mountains near Pollensa.  3 or 4 of you could chip in together and get a bolthole for a few weeks, get some basic groceries in and then explore not only the town but the island for the best fresh local ingredients.  Take turns in cooking up lovely meals for each other – share recipes and teach yourselves new meals that will carry you through your university years and beyond.

Somewhere near a nice town could see you visit for a few cocktails and walk home with heels in your hands as the sun is coming up or morning runs on the beach to clear a mild hangover.  Make friends with the local friendly boat trip providers and get discounts on trips out of the bay and around the island – there’s plenty to see and do at every destination.   Definitely make some time to get to know Palma, as a capital city it’s a great spot for a glamorous night out with the girls.

Another option if you want to go solo in your time between school and University or you really want to contribute to a local area or cause, have you thought about summer volunteering overseas?  There are loads of really interesting, exciting and rewarding programmes to choose from so it’s really what attracts you the most. 

What about environmental conservation in protecting biodiversity and ecosystems in Valencia, or being part of a beach clean-up crew in Bilbao or Ghana?  This is an area of volunteer programmes that is very relevant to the state of our climate and all help is needed in these areas.   Or you can choose to Teach English to Buddhist Monks in Thailand, Volunteer at a dedicated Girls’ school in Ghana or Teach English to Spanish speaking students in Peru.

Why would you pay to volunteer abroad I hear you ask yourself.  Well it’s the work that goes into developing the programmes, the logistics of the development of the project and the administrative costs as well as providing salaried staff in the areas where you will be working – to ensure the projects go smoothly and that the locations are kept safe for volunteers.

Whatever you choose to do on your gap between school and further education – or further education then a career – make it a summer to remember and make lots of amazing memories.  When you knuckle down to study or work – you will remember those days fondly and hopefully learn some really transferable and useful skills that you can use throughout your life.  Employers love looking for experiences such as volunteering abroad as it shows real discipline, commitment and following directions.

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