Thai Square Spa Covent Garden

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It’s always fun discovering hidden gems in the heart of the busy, grimy city and London is the classic example of this – it’s SO busy and SO dirty (especially in the tubes) and to find a haven SO beautiful like the Thai Square Spa in Covent Garden is a real pleasure.  If you are too busy with your nose in Space NK’s window you may very well miss it but you may have heard of the brand as a major SE England restaurant chain.

This and the one in the City are the only spas within the brand range so they are well placed to serve locals and tourists alike.  From a basic eyebrow shape to a 2 hour Royal treatment you can guarantee to be spoiled, pampered and chilled out to your heart’s content.

Thai Square Spa Covent Garden

I was running late so was a little flustered but the minute I walked through the heavy double doors, it’s as if I was stripped of any stress or anxiety.  I filled in my health questionnaire while the lovely reception ladies fussed around checking I had all the info I needed and got me some water.  My sweet little masseuse came up shortly after to guide me downstairs, change from my shoes into the more respectful flip flops and showed me the changing area/lockers.  I had opted for a full body scrub, I love these because you are forced to lie out and relax, your skin is treated with beautiful products but you also get the benefits of a massage.  Fantastic.  I was given the Come Clean Bali Body Scrub but the treatment menu is extensive so have a good look!

I popped through once I was done and I was treated to a lovely cup of something herbal – she couldn’t tell me exactly what it was and you couldn’t buy it – I was so disappointed as it was really, really tasty!  As I sipped my warm brew the masseuse popped my feet into a glass bowl of water infused with flowers and then gave my feet a rub!  It was delightful and helped me relax.

As I was guided onto the massage couch, it became clear that I would be forced to completely switch off during the treatment as my lovely masseuse didn’t have much English so my normal, chatty self had to shut up for 45 minutes!  She proceeded to scrub and massage the body, using a detoxifying coffee based scrub for my – erm – circulation (read cellulite) 🙁  This lasted a good 40 minutes of scrubbing and buffing both front and back until it was time to shower off.  After I showered she placed a gorgeous oil on my skin, I was worried I’d be walking round London at my appointments all greasy but it absorbed brilliantly and left my skin amazingly soft.

I had the chance to chill out in the chaise longues or have a steam room but I had the next meeting to go to so I had to dash off.

Thai Square Spa Covent Garden

Now that I was finished my beautiful treatment I was able to take some pics and talk to the ladies.  I was shown the lovely products for sale online and in the spa – my coffee detox scrub was available for purchase but I doubt I could do as good a detoxifying job as my little masseuse!

Thai Square Spa Covent Garden Thai Square Spa Covent Garden Thai Square Spa Covent Garden

The 6 month membership is an outstanding deal – £360 gets you 6 treatments from the 1hr menu (normally priced £65-£85) unlimited steam room access (normally £45 a session) and a 10% friends/family discount (or for you if you run out of your 6 treatments!

If you want to spa in London as a tourist – Thai Square in Covent Garden is the place to do it!  If you work in London you should try out the one in the City (142 Minories‎, City of London, EC3N 1NT)

Thai Square Spa Covent Garden

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