The 3 Best Things To Make For Sale On Etsy

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Thanks to online platforms like Etsy, this is a great time to be somebody that loves to make arts and crafts. There are so many hobbies that can make you money these days. Etsy has millions of people that come every day to purchase homemade and unique items. 

There are people making a full-time living from their creations which gives them the best of both worlds. They are able to be creative and make money at the same time. The key is to make things that people want to buy. That means that certain types of items have more of a chance to sell than others. 

In this article, we will go over some ideas for things that you could sell on Etsy. 

1 – Handmade doll clothes

Clothes are not always so easy to sell on Etsy since there are so many body types out there. The chance of returns is very high and that can eat into your profits. If you have any of the Brother’s sewing machines that can handle certain stitches then you have another option for selling clothes. 

Making doll clothes is a great way to make money on Etsy since the ones for sale in toy stores are made out of terrible materials and are hardly the styles that get girls excited. You can be very creative with these clothes and make different types for different dolls. 

They are usually pretty fast to make so you can really pump them out when they start selling well. 

2 – Party decorations

There are many people out there who want their child’s birthday party to be as Instagrammable as possible. This means that the party decorations from big box stores or party stores are not going to cut it. Those are mass-produced and lack any kind of style or personality. 

This is why people love to shop on Etsy. They are able to find hand-crafted goods that look like somebody cared about them when they made them. If you have a love for making crafts out of paper goods then party decorations are a great way to make money. 

Think about having a lot of different themed items to suit many different tastes. If you focus on a few different types then you shouldn’t have too many sitting around that don’t sell. 

3 – Stickers

Both kids and adults alike love putting stickers on things. When they are designed by somebody creative they can add a lot of flair to your surroundings. In fact, the right stickers can also be used as decoration for your home. If you love to draw and paint, then turn your art into stickers that you can print and send out. 

The nice thing is that you can have various sizes available so if people do want some for wall art then they have that option. More options mean more likelihood for sales. Make sure that they are colorful and interesting and something that people would want to show off. 

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