The Blue Coffee Box Subscription Service – Reviewed

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The Blue Coffee Box

If you are looking for an amazing gift for a coffee lover – be it Christmas, birthdays, Father’s/Mother’s Day – or you just love coffee yourself and you are keen to experience a wide range of beans with different origins – then you should check out The Blue Coffee Box subscription service.

Elegantly packaged sachets of beans or ground, with detailed descriptions on each of their origin, roast and process will delight anyone with more than a passing interest in the bean.    After being selected by a coffee connoisseur, the beans are then roasted by some of the UK’s best and brightest roasting houses and packaged for the subscription box

Each month or less frequently if you desire – you will receive your box with two full sized bags of different origin and two information cards with incredible detail and photographs of the farmers, the picking/washing process and drinking notes.  It’s incredibly interesting how much the bean goes through to get to your cup – it’s not something you learn on the back of your instant coffee jar!

Delivery is available worldwide and the handy way everything is boxed means it can fit through your letterbox. There’s also some great educational material on their website The Blue Coffee Box where you can read more about the process and people involved.

We enjoyed a box ourselves and found the medium roast coffee we received in that one to be delightful, easy sipping afternoon or after dinner coffee – not too strong to enjoy as a last coffee of the day, delicate flavours and very smooth on the palette.  If you are like my husband and need kicked in the head every morning it’s probably not the variety you would use for that but for coffee appreciators and even those people who – shock horror – say they “don’t like coffee” – they would probably like these two as they are super smooth and would make a beautiful latte for example.

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