The importance of self-care for military women

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The demanding, difficult and dangerous nature of working in the military can often be incredibly tough to deal with, causing stress and other struggles whilst on the job. Being a woman in the military is not easy – you have to be trusting, strong and self-aware, keeping a level head at all times.

Taking some time out, both for your physical health and your mental wellbeing, can have a huge impact on your overall performance and mission effectiveness. 

That’s why it’s important to undergo regular medical check-ups, seek preventive care and address the physical health concerns that may become prominent whilst working in the military as a woman. 

Emotional and mental self-care practices

Military women face a multitude of emotional and mental challenges in their line of work, including combat stress, traumatic experiences and the ever-growing pressures of performing to high standards in a male-dominated environment. 

There are several self-care techniques to help you manage your emotional wellbeing, making things that little bit easier if you find yourself struggling. You could perhaps seek support from your peers, mentors or dedicated mental health professionals. Receiving advice from the experts, or even from those who are experiencing the same issues, can certainly help you feel less alone. 

You should also consider practicing mindfulness exercises to help you become more present and at one with your struggles and emotions. From journalling and meditation to body scans and deep breathing, these types of activities can help promote relaxation and emotional healing.


It’s important to have a strong leadership team who encourages you to take care of your mental health and perform self-care practices to help tackle the many challenges that military women face.

However, there may be potential barriers to implementing these practices due to traditional military culture and the idea of simply “toughening up”.  

Whilst you have an active duty to be a strong and focused individual as a member of the army, you should still expect to receive the appropriate care and safeguarding from your senior peers. If this isn’t the case, you could consider speaking to a military solicitor as you may have the grounds to make a claim. 


Expectations of women in the military are certainly high, but it’s still important to focus on taking care of yourself. Embracing physical, emotional and mental self-care practices can help to face your challenges in a calm and collected manner. 

Plus, building a supportive network and encouraging more self-care practices in military culture will not only benefit you, but it will also contribute to a more robust and cohesive military force, boosting morale and allowing everyone to come together as a team.

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