The Top 5 Sets of Tools You’ll Need for a Successful Gardening Business

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Would you say you’re the green-fingered type? Been doing odd jobs for people in their gardens for several years? Think it’s about time you set off on a new adventure with your own gardening business?

Then it may be time to invest in the right tools for the job.

Here are 5 sets of essentials that you’ll need to get your new business venture off the ground (or they may be just what you need to get your own garden looking lovely again):

1. Hand Tools

You’ve probably already got a good collection of these, but make sure you have everything from a hoe and a rake to a hand fork and a trowel. These will make up an important part of your arsenal on a day-to-day basis and will need to be able to meet up to the demands of this work.

2. Lawn Tools

If there’s something all your customers are going to want, it’s a good-looking lawn. So make sure you’ve got all the tools for keeping their lawns in luscious condition.

You’ll want to have all of the usual basics but it may be worth investing in top-notch designs so you’ve got peace of mind that they won’t just do the job but they’ll do it well – and they’ll be reliable. Any breakdowns could cost a lot of your time (and money).

Look for a lawn mower that can tackle various lengths of grass and perhaps one with a roller so you can leave the perfect stripes in your customers’ lawns. And don’t forget a strimmer to tackle overgrown grass, weeds and other unruly areas. A number of high-quality designs are available from companies like SGS.

3. Cutting Tools

From pruning hedges to lopping off heavy branches, it’s important you’re able to tackle a wide variety of jobs. Pruners, loppers and hedge shears are a must, as is a blade sharpening tool which will keep these items in tip-top condition.

4. Measuring and Marking Tools

If you’re going to be offering any form of landscaping or will turn your hand to building patios and decking areas, it’s a good idea to ensure you have all the measuring and marking tools you’ll need. These include a spirit level, tape measure, measuring wheel, marking points and flagging tape.

5. Other Tools

As well as all those gardening and landscaping essentials, it’s a good idea to equip yourself with other handy necessities, including a sledgehammer to break down concrete and other hard surfaces or to drive in stakes, and basic carpentry tools that may help with building fences and other such jobs.

Also, you may want to invest in a van for all of these tools and to give your business a professional edge. Plus, if you are going to offer landscaping as part of the package, a vehicle that can move and dump materials, e.g. topsoil, will be a cost-effective addition.

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