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June 2021: Can you name these 10 iconic albums through their colour palette alone? Parrot Print have analysed album artwork according to Pantone to reveal the core colour palette of these famous album covers to see how recognisable our favourite albums are. You can view the full campaign here

Pop and jazz star Tony Bennett famously said that when you bought a record, “you felt like you were taking home your very own work of art,” now in 2021, is album artwork as highly regarded and recognised by music fans?   

Album artwork is a crucial part of a musician’s messaging for both analogue and digital album production. After all, listeners will see the album or single cover before they hear it – and this first impression counts. 

So, how well do we know some of music’s most iconic album covers? From ground-breaking photos to bold graphic designs, the music world has it all, but are our most loved albums recognisable from their colour palette alone? 

Put your pop-culture brains to the test with the ultimate famous album covers quiz! Canvas printing experts Parrot Print have developed a cunning quiz showcasing 10 iconic albums, from rock through to hip-hop, through their album cover colour palette.   

Check out the music Pantone colour palettes and their clues to see if you can name the correlating album – answers and Spotify playlist below, but no cheating! 

Commenting on the research, Matthew Dahan, owner and CEO of Parrot Print said:

“Artwork and music go hand-in-hand, and it’s important to recognise that album artwork allows musicians to channel their creativity through both audible and visual terms. This is what makes their album covers so memorable and regarded as pieces of art! 

For album artwork to stand out, it needs to have a strong colour palette and mood which resonates with listeners and perhaps hints at something about the music. It’s very interesting to see these famous album cover Pantone palettes spark a connection with music fans and prove the strong connection between audible and visual art. Perhaps this is why album covers not only have a home on our record shelves but often also as art pieces on our walls!” 

Album Artwork Quiz: Name The Famous Album Covers Based On Their Pantone Colour Palettes

Album Artwork As Pantone: Famous Album Covers Without Text Quiz_1

#1. Make sure you look both ways before stepping out for this one! Although produced in the 60s, many still regard this alternative album as a testament to a fresh sound. Thanks to the fab four this road has become quite the tourist spot as fans recreate this famous album cover. 

Album Artwork As Pantone: Famous Album Covers Without Text Quiz_2

#2. A rock and roll masterpiece produced in London’s Abbey Road Studios with a cover supporting a simple and bold design. Although the full rainbow features, you might say that “Pink” is the band’s favourite colour… 

Album Artwork As Pantone: Famous Album Covers Without Text Quiz_3

#3. Time for a swimming trip! Although a slightly unconventional one. What would you dive into the pool for? This cult classic album took the 90s by storm and inspired a whole new generation of rock and grunge music, as well as being one of the most universally recognised famous album covers. 

Album Artwork As Pantone: Famous Album Covers Without Text Quiz_4

#4. Taking Glam to the next level, this album embodied one of many different alter egos for the artist and shot us all to the stars with lightning bolt energy. He might have his eye closed on the album cover artwork, but the painted artist still takes the title as ‘The Prettiest Star.’ 

Album Artwork As Pantone: Famous Album Covers Without Text Quiz_5

#5. The second album by the virtual electronic band named after a large primate, this album sure wanted us to ‘Feel Good’. What started off as a side project for Blur’s frontman, ended up as a UK chart-topping electronic, come hip-hop, come alt-rock album that ‘Dare[d]’ to be different. 

Album Artwork As Pantone: Famous Album Covers Without Text Quiz_6

#6. Going off like a ‘Firework’ this 2010 candyfloss covered pop album had us all celebrating Friday nights (T.G.I.F) with this bubbly pop princess. Packed with hits, this album really is a dream.

Album Artwork As Pantone: Famous Album Covers Without Text Quiz_7

#7. You shouldn’t feel any ‘Boredom’ with this stand-out 2017 hip-hop album. The creator behind the album produced and wrote the album himself and kept his rapping short and sweet as he wanted to showcase the many guest artists who feature alongside him. He certainly earned his flowers with this album, and boy is it good.  

Album Artwork As Pantone: Famous Album Covers Without Text Quiz_8

#8. An indie-rock classic, with a strange title that could be a compliment or an insult, this album is a firm favourite with bright adolescents across the UK. It is described as “very, very fast and very, very loud” and won Best British Album at the 2008 BRIT Awards which helped make the band Sheffield royalty. 

Album Artwork As Pantone: Famous Album Covers Without Text Quiz_9

#9. The only type of rain we’d like to get caught in! This alternative pop masterpiece has brought us countless hits to the dancefloor, making the artist music royalty. Plus, this album is so iconic, there’s also a cocktail named after it. 

Album Artwork As Pantone: Famous Album Covers Without Text Quiz_10

#10. A hip-hop album that has made us all ‘Stronger’ as we celebrate the end of school or university. This pop-rap album features a song on ‘Homecoming’ and hopefully, the artist can make their way home well as, after all, his coordinate direction is in his name. 

The Answers: Album Artwork According To Pantone Revealed!

The record has come to an end, how many of the famous album covers did you get? See the answers to the artists and album names here: 

#1 – Abbey Road, The Beatles 

#2 – Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd 

#3 – Nevermind, Nirvana

#4 – Aladdin Sane, David Bowie

#5 – Demon Days, Gorillaz

#6 – Teenage Dream, Katy Perry

#7 – Flower Boy, Tyler, The Creator

#8 – Favourite Worst Nightmare, Arctic Monkeys

#9 – Purple Rain, Prince and The Revolution

#10 – Graduation, Kanye West

Album Artwork As Pantone: Famous Album Covers Without Text Quiz_Answers

Now, you’re bound to have at least one earworm from these ten iconic albums, so check out Parrot Print’s Spotify playlist to listen to the top tracks from the famous album covers quiz.

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