The Ultimate Toilet Cleaning Regime

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Research from Bloo, the UK’s number one toilet hygiene cleaning brand, reveals that Brits spend over 20 months (625 days) on the loo in their lifetime! Since we spend so much of our time on the toilet, it is important to keep hygiene levels high. While applying some toilet cleaner in and around the bowl every now and then is a good start, the experts at Bloo have shared the ultimate toilet cleaning regime to really make it sparkle and shine. 

Before we get stuck in, we would always advise people not to use bleach with cleaners as some contain ingredients which can release harmful gases if mixed. For example, descaling products and bleach should not be used together. Finally, remember to put on protective gloves for good measure! 

Step one: Deep clean the rim and bowl (once or twice week)

Start by applying a liquid or gel toilet cleaner inside the full rim of the toilet. Allow this to soak in to really help lift off any dirt. Use a toilet brush to scrub the bowl clean and pay extra attention to the rim, with it being out of sight, it can get very grimy!

Step two: Keep the rim Clean & Fresh 

Now you’ve scrubbed the rim and bowl clean, you’ll want to do the most to make the sparkle and your efforts last longer. You can do this by inserting a rim block such as ‘Bloo Brilliant Gelwhich protects against adhering dirt and offers a fresh scent experience. Remove the foil and place on the rim where the waterflow is strongest and with each flush you’ll keep your rim clean & fresh! 

Step three: Deep clean the toilet pipes (Once a month)

Stains and limescale don’t just build up in visible areas of the loo. You’d be surprised at what lurks beneath the bowl, inside your toilet pipes and where the brush is difficult to reach. So, for deep pipe cleaning without the fuss of scrubbing, use toilet tabs which fights through scale and stains. For stubborn dirt leave overnight and for lighter build up wait for a couple of hours before flushing through. 

Step four: It’s what’s inside that counts

You may rarely think about your toilet cistern but keeping it clean with the right products is a vital part of maintaining a hygienic loo. Did you know there’s one nifty little cube that can keep your loo hygienic and fresh? Place one Bloo Toilet Block cube inside the tank on the opposite side of the water flow. No need to remove the film as this dissolves in the water. The self-foaming technology and active ingredients of the formula cleans from the tank right down into the toilet bowl, preventing limescale build up and leaving a fresh scent after every flush. 

Step five: Make your throne sparkle – the best seat in the house!

Now the inside of your loo has received the royal treatment, take an all-purpose disinfectant spray and spray the outside of the toilet, seat and lid. Using a cloth or sponge, wipe everything clean, making sure to get in between the hinges, base and around the floor.

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