Tips To Find A Perfect Match After A Painful Breakup

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A painful breakup is the worst thing you may have to deal with. But you move on and look back a few years down the line, and you see it only as a passing phase. Much depends on falling in love again and finding a relationship that heals you and brings fulfillment. However, not everyone is lucky enough to start afresh after a traumatic deal-breaker. You may never want to return to the dating zone again, or serious relationships may no longer appeal to you. But there are ways to find a perfect match and regain trust in love again. Here are some tips to try again after a painful breakup.

Take time to heal

Falling out of love is a daunting process, and healing is an even bigger challenge. Diving into the relationship scene right away is the worst decision, as you may end up with a rebound. Counselors recommend giving yourself adequate time to heal before prospecting again. The healing time is subjective as you may feel ready after a month or take years to build trust again. Look for toxic signs like drinking, texting your ex, and missing them, and wait until you are over them..

Begin with a positive mindset

You can start looking for a new partner once you feel ready for a relationship. But remember to stay positive because you may have a hard time trusting someone again. It also leads to positive behavior, which increases the chances of a favorable outcome. Conversely, a negative outlook causes trust issues and prevents the relationship from thriving. It also hurts your confidence and self-esteem. 

Seek help to find a partner

Consider seeking help to find a partner as you work your way out of a painful breakup. Millions of Americans do it through dating sites, but finding a personalized solution through a matchmaker is a far better approach. Fortunately, you can find an expert anywhere in the country. For example, look for a San Francisco matchmaker if you live in the city. The good thing about relying on an expert is that they understand you better and provide valuable advice instead of leaving you at the mercy of online predators. You may even find someone good enough for a long-term commitment. 

Avoid comparisons

Although you may have a picture of an ideal partner in mind, avoid comparing a potential relationship with the past. You may end up hurting yourself and sabotaging the new bond with this unhealthy habit. The temptation will be there, specifically at the start, but you must overcome it and enjoy the experience. In the end, you may find yourself with someone you truly love. 

Take things slow

A breakup affects your mental well-being and self-esteem, and you may want a quick fix. But hopping from one partner to the next is the worst way to regain control. Take things slowly, and let the process happen naturally. You need not disclose your recent experience in the first meeting. Getting in bed on the first date is the last thing you should do, so avoid going too fast. 

Be realistic about finding a perfect match again after a breakup because it may not be around the corner. Instead, play on the field and enjoy being free again. Wait until you find someone worth spending your life with.

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