Top 4 Ways To Celebrate Your Best Friend’s Birthday

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If your best friend’s birthday is coming up in the not-so-distant future, or else you are starting to prepare and organise the celebration to end all other celebrations for her milestone day, then it can sometimes be somewhat bamboozling when it comes to choosing where to go and what to do. 

With this in mind, continue reading to discover the top four ways to celebrate your best friend’s birthday this year.

  • Compile A Photo Album

With the vast majority of younger people and indeed people from all ages across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom having and regularly using at least one social media account, the need and, sadly, even the desire to print out physical photographs has somewhat diminished in recent years.

A fabulous way to celebrate your best friend’s special day then is to go back through your own, your best friend’s, and the rest of the groups’ social media accounts to find the most embarrassing, hilarious, and downright extreme photographs over the years and compile a photo album for their birthday present.  

  • Organize A Surprise Brunch

Anyone who is anyone knows that one of the coolest ways to celebrate a birthday is to go for a boozy bottomless brunch and if the celebration is a surprise; well, that earns a plethora of extra bonus points. 

Book a table, or even a room, depending on the size of the party at a renowned, reputable, and family-owned restaurant for bottomless brunch Bedfordshire, and celebrate your bestie’s birthday with fabulous and delicious food and a never-ending supply of cocktails. 

  • Indoor Crazy Golf

On the list of what makes British people British, along with the dry sense of humour, a certain amount of cynicism, and the constant carrying of an umbrella ‘just in case’ is an unapologetic love for crazy golf.

These days, you don’t need to travel to a rainy Bridlington and stand in the cold at the end of the pier to have fun with your friends and some nine irons. Instead, book a course at your local indoor golf venue; flashing lights, disco music, and some crazy neon courses, mythical beast courses, and even an entire course in the pitch black, combined with free-flowing drinks, is a fantastic way to celebrate. 

  • Go To An Escape Room

The concept of an escape room is something that, upon first thought, is actually slightly strange as being locked up with your friends sounds more of a strange punishment than a fun day out. 

However, choosing to take your best friend and a group of others to an escape room is a brilliant way to be physically active and use your mental acumen to solve a myriad of different puzzles together to beat the clock and escape the room. Photo opportunities, complete with props, are plentiful, and booking an escape room for your best friend’s birthday will be truly a day to remember – if you manage to escape, of course. 

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