Top 5 Winter Sports for the Whole Family

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If your family loves sports and being outdoors, there is no reason to keep your activities to the warmer months. Whilst winter might bring its own set of exciting challenges to sporting activities, it also brings a whole new range of sports that you can try as a family. 

Here are our top 5 picks (in no particular order for winter sports that are perfect for both adults and kids alike. Remember if you are taking part in winter sports, you may get a little cold, children can also get quite wet falling over so make sure you bring a change of clothes and a changing towel like the ones from booicore.


If you are very new to any form of winter sports, then snowshoeing is one of the most accessible family winter sports. In essence, it is hiking with large paddles on your feet and in the snow. Snowshoeing is one sport that needs almost no instruction and, with just a little bit of practice, is very easy to master.  

Practice needs to be nothing more than walking around on flat open terrain with snowshoes on. Once this has been mastered, it will be possible to go off for a walk over a more uneven track. This is an excellent activity for those families who don’t want a lot of preparation to enjoy the great outdoors and is quite a strenuous activity that will undoubtedly tire everyone out. 

Ice skating 

Would it be winter without at least trying ice skating? Whilst skating on a frozen body of water outside in the UK isn’t an option – it never really gets cold enough here to provide enough ice – during the winter months, many outdoor skating rinks pop up. Ice skates can be expensive, so it can be a good idea to go somewhere where you can hire the necessary equipment for a fraction of the price. For children who are learning to skate, make sure that they have something to hold onto to help keep them upright and warn them that they will be falling over.  


This may well be an outdoor sporting activity that you are familiar with, and it is certainly accessible to all. The requirements are simple, a good covering of snow, a sledge and a nice big hill. Make sure that you dress up warm as there is a good chance, certainly whilst you are practising, that at least one person will fall off into the snow and get a little damp. If you have smaller children in your party, you will probably want to find some nice gentle slopes to start with.  

Ice hockey 

If you love skating and love hockey, why not see if you can find a local ice rink that offers ice hockey sessions. This strenuous sport requires plenty of padding, so it is not particularly suited to younger children. It is, however, an excellent sport for older children and even adults and offers the chance to even join a local team for those who are good at it. 

Cross country skiing 

Finally, why not look at skiing. Skiing is not a cheap sport but can be a great way of getting around when there is a lot of snow. It can be a good idea to take a trip to a dry ski slope first for a few practices runs, as this will help you learn how to coordinate your skis before you head out onto the snow.  

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