Ultimate girls night in!

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Okay first set the scene with a luscious Aromaworks candle.  My favourite is the May Chang and Sandalwood.  These candles are made from soy and beeswax and do not contain paraffin – you don’t want to be polluting your guest’s lungs!  Let the air fill with the calming aroma as they use a superior level of essential oils to allow the scent to linger in the room and nuture your soul!  All the candles are British made.

Piper Heidsieck Rose Champagne.  Don’t just give the girls bubbles – give them pink bubbles!  A super smooth, luxurious champagne with a hint of berries makes this the perfect accompaniment to…well anything really!

Amelia Rope chocolate.  I’ve pictured the Rose one here but my favourite was the Lime and Sea Salt.  Sadly it did not last long enough to be photographed.  Share it with your friends or why not make something special from it – perhaps rose chocolate cupcakes decorated with a pink buttercream and topped with a sugar rose?  Amelia also makes all her products in GB and she has appeared on Masterchef a number of times!

Pamper yourselves with a luxury facial mask.  Ainhoa’s Radiant Peeling with Diamond Powder facial mask gives your night in a luxurious edge as well as being fantastic for your skin!  Micronized Diamond powder encapsulated in this creamy emulsion peel creates an excellent exfoliating treatment and skin cell rejuvenator.

A good movie.  All mine are on hard drive now so Serendipity was the only boxed one I had left.  My personal choice would involve Gerard Butler or Matthew McConaughey 🙂  Don’t care what it’s about.

I got the macarons from a beautiful shop in Chamonix.

Photographed with my Iphone.

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