Ways to keep the cold out of your home this winter

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A few adaptations to your home can eliminate drafts, save on heating costs and keep the worst of the winter chill at bay.

Update your windows and doors 

This is the biggest one after sorting your loft insulation – yes it will cost money to do so but there are various companies offering payment plans and such.  Without solid seam, double/triple glazed door and windows you are just going to constantly be seeing heat escaping but more importantly, allowing drafts in. 

Use draft excluders 

If you can’t afford new windows and doors – make a point of blocking up well the ones that you have.  Hang a thick heavy curtain on a sturdy pole above your front door and keep it securely covered when you are in the house.  Cheap draft excluders will also do the trick around areas such as inner porch doors, back doors etc. 

Investigate your loft

You’ll be surprised how much heat is lost through the loft or attic. Many of us don’t venture up there too often so you maybe aren’t aware how much heat is escaping – as we all know – heat rises!  Builders have a fancy gadget that allows them to see where drafts are coming from and it’s a wonderful thing to be able to have – either buy one yourself or have it done professionally and work out how and were to plug those gaps!

Wall insulation

Depending on the age and style of your house – this again may need to be investigated from a modern materials point of view as at the time of your build there may not have been as efficient insulating products available.

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