Well, it’s back…Winter!

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During these hard and strange times, it can be difficult to stay motivated. With the cold weather ebbing and flowing, and social restrictions still in place (in some parts), keeping spirits high can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

Here’s some little tips that’ll will hopefully help you through these cold times:

  • Stay as close to your usual routine as possible. It’s easy to get into a slump, but by sticking to your usual routine as closely as possible, you can keep your body and mind focused. If you are required to self-isolate or stay at home for any reason, sticking to a routine can be much trickier; make sure you set time aside to relax, do something you enjoy, or clear your mind with some peace and quiet during this time.
  • Stay connected with family and loved ones. It’s easy to start feeling alone and isolated during these times. Arrange to go down to the yard at the same time as some friends, or just giving family members a call can help to fight against feeling lonely, especially anyone still having to isolate for any reason.
  • See your horses as much as possible! If you can, use this time to spend some quality time with your equestrian friend. Maybe there are some odd jobs you’ve been putting off. It’s not always about riding; even just going to the yard for a groom, a cuddle, and a fuss will help you still feel connected, without putting the pressure on yourself about riding.
  • Think forward to the future. Plan your training now so that when you do get back out, you’ll be completely prepared. This means both you and the horse. So, use this time to work on your own fitness; YouTube has loads of great equestrian workouts you can do from anywhere, so you don’t even need to get out of your pjs! Also, ensure all of your gear and equipment is in tip-top shape, and all ready to go for the first day back!
  • Be kind. To yourself, and others around you. Winters are hard for a lot of people, so be kind and it will really go a long way for the people around you. Sometimes even the smallest thing can brighten someone’s day, especially given these uncertain times.
horse in wintry stable snow covered ground and fence

We hope this article has been of some help, and that you can keep your motivation levels high over the winter period. Take a look at our blog here for more tips and advice; wrap up warm, stay safe, and happy holidays!

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