What are this year’s top photo gifts for Mother’s Day?

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By Dicky Broadhurst, Morse Toad

One thing we all have in common is an overflowing camera roll on our phones. Deciding what to do with all of these photos can be a bit of a challenge. 

The great news is, photos make the best personalised gifts. If you’re looking for something unique this Mother’s Day, then look no further than the treasure trove in your pocket. 

Whether it’s a surprise for your own mother or you’re looking for something to give her from the kids, here are our top eight photo gift ideas to help you show Mum how special she is. 

Framed Photo Print – £75

Drifting Bear will take your photos and turn them into vintage style polaroids, complete with a bit of text under each one. Create a photo story of the year to capture all the family highlights. Turn your Instagram masterpieces into a collection that can be treasured forever. 

The Drifting Bear

Chocolate Memory Box – From £12.95

This innovative idea is both a box of chocolates and a photo gift in one unique personal gift. Write something nice in chocolate for Mum. It will be contained inside a box with your special photo printed on top. Once the chocolates have been enjoyed, your photo can be framed and hung on the wall so there’s no need to throw the packaging away. Mum will have something to enjoy now and something she can enjoy forever.

Wood Print – £19.95

If you’re looking for something different for your photo gift, why not choose wood as the backdrop. Woodpic will print your photo onto premium birch plywood to give your photo a richness of texture that will make it really stand out. A beautiful and timeless photo gift for Mum.


Printed Jigsaw – £39.99

For a Mother’s Day gift that everyone can enjoy, how about a photo puzzle? Create a 2,000-piece puzzle from a family portrait,  holiday snap or unforgettable moment. Then the whole family can relive the memory while putting all the pieces together.


Family Photo Print – £22

Hello Ruth has come up with a unique way to display your family photos by integrating them into a word of your choice. Choose the word ‘Mummy’, then find photos of the kids to have within the word. Every time she sees the photo, Mum can feel a great sense of pride in her wonderful family. 

Keyring Family Photo – £29

The thing about photos is that they have the potential to bring about a smile. With Create Gift Love, your photo will be printed onto a stainless steel insert on a keyring. You can then customise the leather case with a message to say how much you love Mum. We always have our keys with us, so even if your Mum is having a bad day, she can glance down at her keys and see a photo of her loved ones. 

Personalised Photo Bag Print – £24

Bags Of Love turn an everyday item into something personal and special for Mother’s Day. Find the family photo that Mum loves the most, then add it to a coin purse. Every time she reaches for some change, she’ll see her family smiling back at her. 

Bags Of Love

Children’s Art Print

Whilst your children’s artwork isn’t technically a photo, it still accumulates like the photos on your phone. Luckily, there’s a unique way to combine all the artwork and turn it into something special. Doodle Nest takes professional photos of each drawing, then combines them into a stunning collage that Mum will adore.

Doodle Nest

If you’re looking for something special to give Mum this Mother’s Day, you may have already done the hard work by capturing that special moment on your phone. Now all you need to do is pick your favourite from our list of best photo gifts for Mother’s Day and you’ll have a personalised gift that will show your Mum how much you appreciate everything she does for the family. 


Dicky Broadhurst is founder of Morse Toad. When a moment demands more than a text or a card, Morse Toad enables you to create a letterbox friendly gift that combines a personal message made from chocolate letters and a photo printed across the gift box.

Once the chocolates have been enjoyed, the recipient can frame their box and hang it on the wall, significantly reducing packaging waste. Whether it’s the childlike glee of receiving a chocolate message in the post or the impact of receiving a photo that sparks a thousand memories, Morse Toad’s mission is to help you share magic moments via the postbox.




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