What Considerations For Your Next Doors and Windows

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Choosing windows and doors may seem like a simple decision but it’s always best to look at the top two main contenders and see which would suit you best. The obvious choice isn’t always the right one but windows and doors Richmond Hill specialists Northshield explain the differences between vinyl and wooden and what benefits each have.

First up we have vinyl. So vinyl is a great window product and better than wood for a number of reasons.

Firstly it doesn’t warp or rot. Particularly for areas that receive a lot of storms or high rainfall – it would make more sense to have the vinyl option to ensure they aren’t having to replace doors and windows every couple of years. All those times you were tucked up nice and cozy indoors – your doors and windows were taking a battering by the elements and wood just can’t stand up to the severe lashings that windows and doors get in certain locations. If you are a particularly hot place, wood can expand and contract to the point where your seal will no longer be viable and will need replaced regularly!

Low maintenance. Wooden frame windows require stripping and resealing regularly to maintain them in the best possible condition – due to the elements mentioned above. If you live in a temperate location – with high rainfall or affected by condensation regularly then you don’t want to have to be constantly maintaining wooden frames in your doors and windows.

Finally, due to the above considerations – vinyl doors and windows are more affordable – both in the initial set up and throughout the life of them.  When planning a full refit of a house this could definitely be a big aspect of your budget.  It’s pretty common when moving into a new house to put your own stamp on it and windows and doors can be the best and most impactful way of doing this. 

There are some advantages to wooden window frames of course – they look simply stunning and offer a natural charm that no other material can – as well as being a naturally insulating material. Environmentally, wood is an easily recycled material that can be broken down or reused with little last harm to the ecosystems.

Downsides of vinyl include that they aren’t really recyclable but some companies will help you clear up and take away the old materials with a view to getting them into the right hands to recycle!

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