What Not to Do When Wanting Healthier Hair & Glowing Skin

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As the largest organ on the body, your skin is also the organ exposed to the most dangers, in terms of damaging effects from a variety of different sources, and as for your hair, the environment will be having untold effects, some of which you will be entirely unaware of.

So, if you feel as if your skin has become dull and has lost that glow you used to love, or else your hair is now brittle and less manageable, either way, you have clicked on the right article. Continue reading to learn what not to do when wanting healthier and glowing skin. 

Not Drinking Enough Water

Yes, this first suggestion is perhaps one of the most obvious of all, but it really is entirely correct that the more water you drink each day, the healthier your skin, your hair, your nails, and every other area of your body will be. 

Water will keep your skin hydrated and moisturised, as well as reduce the risk of developing dry skin conditions such as eczema, and for your hair, drinking more water will ensure valuable nutrients are delivered to the roots and tips, helping to generate hair growth. 

Shaving with Cheap Razors

Another mistake an overwhelming number of people make, with men and their face and women and their legs, is to constantly shave their skin with cheap and, in some cases, even rusty razors.

By far, the best option for your skin is to book an appointment for laser hair removal, which is not only substantially kinder to your skin but will also mean when your hair starts to grow back, it will be thinner and easier to remove next time. Professional beauty salons like utopiabeautique.com will always tell of the benefits of getting hair removal treatments rather than doing it yourself with poor-quality, cheap razors.  

Dyeing Hair at Home

Now, it is far too much of a generalisation to state that it is entirely unhealthy to dye your hair at home. Still, one mistake many women (and men) make is that they fail to ever visit a professional hairdresser and instead continuously dye their own hair month after month after month. 

There are several almost guaranteed negative effects of dyeing your hair with cheap, shop-bought dyes, too often, including:

  • Over processing of the hair follicles leading to breakages
  • Risk of developing a severe allergy over time
  • Conjunctivitis if only a tiny particle of dye gets into your eye
  • Faster re-growth and uneven patchy hair

Not Applying Sun Cream

Especially for Brits, who only benefit from a month or so of hot sunshine at home in the average year (and that is if you are lucky), the temptation to strip to the bare minimum of clothing and to forego the use of suncream appears to be as high now as ever before.

However, not only will neglecting to apply sun cream drastically increase the chance of you developing skin cancer in the future, but it also dries and basically destroys the skin cells, meaning your skin will become leathery, wrinkled and discoloured over time. 

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