What to consider when purchasing a limo for your business

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If you’ve ever sat in the back of a limousine – as it seems that so many of us have done at least once on those crazy nights out for which limos are often hired – it might have crossed your mind that starting a limo hire business could be quite lucrative. Or perhaps you’re running an established limo hire company and are wondering what you need to look for in the next vehicle you purchase? 

Whatever the exact situation for you, here are some factors that you should probably especially contemplate to ensure you buy the most suitable limo. 

The fundamentals, rather than the glitzy stuff 

Sure, we’re all wooed by limos that seem to pack all kinds of spellbinding bells and whistles like mirrored ceilings, glitter bars or smoke machines, or that embody a certain classic style. But it’s also crucial to remember that you aren’t the person who’ll be riding in the back of the limo. You’re the business owner, so it’s not looks or image alone that should attract you to a particular vehicle. 

Classic limos, for example, can often have very high mileages, and you won’t want to end up purchasing a great-looking limo that might break down at any moment. And if it’s the aforementioned glitzy ‘extras’ that drew you towards a specific limo, bear in mind that any limo can be fitted with those. 

It really is vital, then, to buy the best genuine limo that you can afford, that you can be sure will be reliable and cater to what your business actually needs. 

Your budget 

The deepness of your company’s pockets will naturally largely dictate what limo you can buy. However, while the used market may promise bargains, the reliability and maintenance issues that older limousines can bring may make them a false economy compared to newer models. 

As a guideline, it’s therefore probably a good idea to set aside a budget of at least £25,000 to be sure of the limo you purchase being worthwhile for your business. 

How easy it’ll be to insure 

You only need to have sat in a limo or had one drive past you, to appreciate that a limo is unlike any other car – so as you might imagine, the cost of insuring one can be hefty. 

Indeed, the specialised nature of limousines really calls for specialised insurance, and there are no shortages of online services out there – such as MoneyBeach – that can help you to find competitive limo insurance deals

As the site explains, limo insurance is structured in a way that acknowledges limousines are not standard cars. It’s therefore important, if you intend to use your new limo for private hire, to make sure any limo insurance to which you commit includes private hire cover, passenger liability cover and specialist parts and labour. 

The limo’s likely running costs 

It’s never just the headline price of a limo that you will need to think about when considering which one to buy for your business. Writing for TheChauffeur.com, Paul Miles from LCW Limo told limo business owners to expect fuel and maintenance costs to eat into 10% of their revenue. 

Naturally, then, it’s advisable if you’re in the market for a limo to check different models’ fuel economy specifications and their reputation in terms of reliability. 

The above is not, of course, an exhaustive list of the things you’ll need to think about when looking to buy a limo for your business. Nonetheless, it covers many of the basics for ensuring you make the soundest decision in terms of all of the practical and budgetary needs your firm has for a limo. 

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