What to Pack Before a Caravan Trip

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Finally, you’re going on that caravan trip you’ve been always wanting to go. Maybe you’re getting ready to pack for the whole family, or maybe you’re going with your bestie and doing a bit of exploring. 

So, what should you pack for your upcoming trip and how do you know you’ve got everything you need for the trip? (plot twist, you can’t ever pack enough of everything)

Let’s get started, shall we?

Make sure you have the basic foods in stock.

Ramen, rice, eggs and water can always come in handy if you’re in the need to cook up a quick meal. After all, you’ll be hitting the road and you never know if you’ll get on-time to your next destination. 

Make sure you hit your local store on the day before departure and keep these items in stock every time you run out of one. 

Stock up on toiletries as they are a must. 

Going on the road means that sometimes you may have to skip a bath or two. Exactly because of that you always want to have enough soap, toothpaste and shampoo around. 

Oh… and don’t forget about deodorant. Whatever your favorite kind is, make sure you have enough for the whole trip. 

Don’t forget to bring baby wipes.

You’d be surprised by the various application baby wipes can have when you’re on the road. From helping you save water when you need to wash your hands to use them to freshen up when you don’t have access to water, baby wipes are a must for every caravan trip.

And after all, you’d need to cook yourself a meal or two.

That’s why it’s always best if you have bottled gas and a portable gas stove near you. Just a quick google of “bottled gas suppliers near me” and you’d have a handy quick list of choices to grab one. 

Just make sure to store it properly for safety reasons.

Hanging shoe racks to keep everything neat.

Let’s face it, caravans can be a bit cramped at times. And cruising down the highway without everything safely put in its place can be a bit dangerous.

Hanging shoe racks are a great and inexpensive way to get yourself some extra storage space and you can pretty much keep anything in them.

A well-equipped toolbox.

Being on the road means that most likely more than once you’ll need to grab a tool and just fix things. That’s just part of the charm of caravaning. 

Things like a set of screwdrivers, a mullet, duct tape and a handful of zip ties can make it a lot easier on you if you need to get something working again. 

Having a great caravan trip boils down to properly preparing for anything that can happen to you while on the road and just having the right to-do mindset to tackle problems when they arise.

Bonus thing: Grab a couple of LED headlamps so you can have both your hands free when you have to do something in the dark.

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