What women really think about girl’s nights…

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Organising a get-together with the girls never seems to be as easy as it used to be. When you’re working full time and raising a family, it can be next to impossible to find a date everyone can agree upon and even harder to find a time when everyone has enough spare money to have some fun!

When everyone can actually get together, it can feel like a miracle! But the hard choices are still to come – do you go for a night out on the town, or a night in on the sofa?

There are perks to both, obviously, but these are two very different nights with different atmospheres and experiences.

What a girl wants

Thanks to Ladbrokes Bingo, we now know just what British women really think about girl’s nights thanks to a recent survey. With over 2000 women across the country taking part, we finally have some firm answers to life’s great questions – to stay in or to go out?!

Around 62% of women said that a night out was by far most exciting, which I’m sure most of us can agree with. Slipping into your new dress, shaking out your hair and dancing to the latest club hits can be truly exciting and fun, especially with your closest friends.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go how we expect. When asked about annoying events on nights out, 60% of women hated the long queues waiting to get a drink. Likewise, 75% admitted that they’ve spent a little bit too much when painting the town red, which can leave you short for weeks afterwards!

Furthermore, a lack of toilet roll in the toilets, waiting to get into a club and having to look after the friend who drank a bit too much can really put a dampener on the evening.

Cosy night in

It’s no surprise then really that almost 70% of those surveyed said they think a night in with the girls is better than a night on the town, with a further 10% saying that it’s definitely the best for having a laugh.

There’s no one around to judge and you don’t have to shout over the music – we can definitely see where these women are coming from!

So what else makes a night in so great? The majority of those interviewed understandably said they enjoy spending less on a night in, which doesn’t leave them hunting for pennies at the end of the month!

Meanwhile, a good old gossip without having to shout or risking someone overhearing is a huge bonus, especially when you haven’t gotten together for a while! You don’t have to wait in queues either – simply knock on the door and gain instant entry!

So which is it to be? Warm night in or crazy night out?

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