Why Solid Wood Wardrobes Are the Best Buy

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Wardrobes are an essential piece of furniture in every bedroom. Designed to keep clothes looking good and dust free, they often prove useful for storing a range of accessories such as belts, ties and hats. The alternatives are the dreaded chair in the corner of the room where things are piled haphazardly and left to crease, or even worse of course, the floor!

Free standing or fitted?

At one point in the past, fitted wardrobes were all the fashion, and it can’t be denied that they do often meet a functional need in rooms designed to accommodate them. Overall though, free standing wardrobes have many advantages, and those made from solid wood even more so.

The crucial point is that a well-designed wardrobe fits in with the layout of a room, a fact which often makes fitted wardrobes a non-starter, while also providing the right kind of storage space for the person or people using it.

Lastly, free standing wardrobes are portable, making it easy to change the look of a bedroom, move between rooms as necessary, and to take along if you decide to move house in the future.

Why Wood Wins Every Time

Solid wooden wardrobes may not be the cheapest option on the market, but in return for your initial investment you benefit from a piece of furniture which not only looks amazing, but is also long lasting, durable and eco-friendly. It is impossible for engineered wood products to copy these features, or to radiate the charm and elegance of a genuine wooden piece, so if it is value for money that matters it’s better to think in the long term.

What to Look For When Choosing Solid Wood Wardrobes


A Wsolid wood bedroom wardrobe from Revival Beds needs to look good, but also be functional. It needs to be the right size for a room, and suitable for purpose.

A Range Of Sizes

Wardrobes range from those with a single door and two drawers – perfect for guest rooms and nurseries – to spacious four door models with extra drawers providing ample storage space. As different people have different needs all wardrobes should be able to be customised according to a customer’s requests.

Bedrooms with very high ceilings benefit from extra tall wardrobes that eliminate dead space above them.

Choice of finishes

Whichever size wardrobe you buy should be made from premium solid oak or natural wood, with muted and sophisticated shades of colour an option if a hand painted finish is preferred.

Built To Last

Low maintenance is a key factor when buying furniture to fit in with hectic modern lifestyles, and that is something solid wood delivers with ease, along with being durable, damage resistant and mighty good to look at.

It’s worth investing the time and money necessary to source a good quality and hard wearing wardrobe, as the right one makes it easier to stay organized and maintain a calm and uncluttered bedroom space, which in turn aids relaxation and sleep.


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