Winter Skin Survival Guide

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Tried and tested in the harshest conditions! (Scotland) where we experience cheekburn from the cold wind, horizontal freezing needles of cold sleet battering our faces and the heating cranked all the way up.

Going from harsh cold to very warm can increase the instances of broken capillaries so you need to look after your skin and give it a little extra care in the winter.  Just as you would invest in a quality SPF in the summer – now is the time to add a few “heroes” to your skincare regime.




Evolve Daily detox facial wash

It’s important in the harsh weather to choose a cleansing product that will not dry or tighten your skin.  Foaming cleansers are often really bad for this – so if you suffer from “tight” skin after cleansing – you need a gentler product.  Even though Evolve’s Detox Cleanser sounds intense – it’s really not.  

Made with natural sourced ingredients such as African Moringa seeds, Organic Aloe Vera and anti-oxidising Goji Berries in a glycerin base, this foaming cleanser barely produced any actual suds, which is brilliant for your skin as suds are the drying element (the ingredient used to produce them is very drying on the skin)  The clear fluid turns into a cloudy fluid and is soft and gentle to apply and remove.  A must for winter skin – you only need a tiny amount to do your face/neck area.


Daily detox facial wash 200ml/£10.99

Available from and other high street and online stores nationwide 



Institut Esthederm Miracle E.V.E Serum

Many serums are ideal for mature skin however ANY aged skin can benefit from a serum.  The molecules within a serum can penetrate further and deeper into the layers of the skin that a moisturiser so deliver their vino goodness all the way through the layers of the epidermis.  During the change of season, from autumn to winter or even winter to spring, your skin should be helped to regenerate itself to prepare for the massive environmental changes to come.

available from Fenwicks and Libery at a cost of £7


Face Mask

Winter can leaving your skin looking tired and dull.  A mask treatments is one of the best ways to provide a deep down boost.

Maison D'Anu Glow Papaya Enzyme Mask

Maison D’Anu’s  Glow Papaya Enzyme Mask, with its innovative formula, contains natural beta hydroxy acids, papaya extract and pineapple extract, which target the excess keratin (dead skin cells) without harming your healthy skin cells. This natural process supports your skin’s own ability to exfoliate and leaves it immaculate and glowing.  99% Natural 



Strivectin have recently been awarded the Skin Cancer Skin Sense award for their work with the NIA-114 molecule.   This exclusive, multi-patented molecule yields amazing anti-aging and skin repair results and over time has been clinically proven to reverse skin damage.  If you’ve overdone it this summer, make sure you include this exfoliator into your skincare regime as it will also slough away the dead skin cells which amass in the cold winter months and cause your skin to look dull.

Strivectin Instant Retexturising Scrub

Strivectin Instant Retexturising Scrub – RRP £27.95

Day Cream – £35.75 from QVC

Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough Replenish Cream

When Hope is Not Enough

Created to hydrate even the driest, most devitalised skin, Philosophy’s When Hope is Not Enough (56.7g) replenishing cream has an antioxidant-rich formula that helps soothe the skin and protect it from free radicals. Ultra-rich but non-greasy, it’s formulated with borage seed oil and wild yam to help balance and restore your skin’s moisture levels. 

This product gets RAVE reviews on QVC – every woman mentions how wonderful it is for her skin type.  A must have for winter at the very least.



Night Cream

I love Caudalie products, I’m amused by the fact that something that can be used for merriment (the grape) can also be used for the good of your skin.  They have a great range of products that suit a variety of skin types and this one is ideal if you need to nourish some very dry skin over the winter.  Receive a personal skin consultation from Caudalie on their website if you are not sure what is the best for your skin and the time of year.

Caudalie Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Nourishing Cream – £27.50

This rich, silky cream provides remarkable anti-oxidant action, deeply nourishes even the driest skin and reactivates the skin’s internal moisture mechanism. The skin regains its suppleness and comfort and wrinkles caused by dehydration are smoothed. 


Lip Balm

Caudalie Lip Conditioner

£5.50 from Caudalie.  This is the only lip balm with anti-oxidant properties that actually helps heal your lips with every application.   Give your lips the best this winter and ensure they are protected AND repaired.


Hand Cream

Hands work hard and even harder in winter, so treat them to the best handcare you can.  Don’t wash dishes without Marigolds, keep your cuticles neat and use a nourishing nail treatment when you can.  Keep a mini handcream in your bag for emergencies.  I also, always keep one on my desk.  My favourite at the moment is DiPalomo’s Fig & Grape – £7 – the girls in the office love this too.

DiPalomo Fig & Grape Hand Cream 



Exfoliate the dead skin cells away!  There are thousands to choose from on the market so select one with your favourite fragrance or softer granules if you prefer!

Try Zalando’s selection of exfoliators, from Burts Bees to Compagnie De Provence you will have a hard time choosing something! My favourite was the Ylang with Orchid Extract and Sesame Seed Oil.

 Compagnie De Provence  Champeny's Watermint Scrub 

Champney’s also have amazing scrubs – either tube shaped ones to enjoy at the gym (the Watermint – pictured – is especially good after a hot sweaty workout) but also beautifully presented tubs in exotic and exciting fragrances.  These are amazing gifts for Christmas and since Boots has three for two – it’s one extra for you!


Moisturise the body 

 Caudalie Body Butter

Vine Body Butter Caudalie £19 (A massive tube of easy-squeezy body butter!)

Rich in moisturizing Vinolevure® and natural ultra-nourishing butters, grape-seeds and shea butter, this balm deeply repairs your dry skin. The protective hydrolipidic film is restored, rough spots are smoothed and feelings of tightness are instantly soothed.
Protected and moisturized, your skin is softer and more confortable.

With a delicate and gourmet fragrance, its creamy texture is rapidly absorbed and wraps your skin in a veil of satiny softness. 

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