Yes please! Brits Happiest Choosing the Telly Over Sex

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Brits are happiest watching the TV (40%) over having sex (22%) or waking up next to their partner (25%), reveals SmileDirectClub’s new Annual Happiness Index 2022. Moreover, when Brits were asked about the happiest moment of their day, socialising with friends (34%) and going to bed (28%) are putting bigger smiles on the faces of Brits, than moments of passion.   

The research by the oral care leader with the first medtech platform for teeth straightening, SmileDirectClub, also reveals that Strictly Come Dancing (18%) and The Repair Shop (18%), followed by the Great British Bake Off (17%), were the top TV programmes making Brits the happiest along with Gogglebox (16%) and MasterChef (14%). 

Looking at the general happiness sentiment of the nation, half of Brits say they are feeling very happy and positive in 2022, with Saturday being the happiest day of the week. When asked about life changing events that made people happiest in 2022, perhaps unsurprisingly, taking a dream holiday abroad was listed as number one, following the multiple lockdowns of previous years.   

Happiest Life Changing Events for Brits 2022:    

  1. A dream holiday 
  2. Work promotion / having a career change 
  3. Finding love 
  4. Moving house / buying a property   
  5. Starting a business    

When looking at what made people happiest over summer 2022, the Lionesses winning the Women’s Euro 2022 was top choice (30%), while only 26% of Brits chose Boris Johnson resigning as their happiest summer moment. David Cran, Vice President International at SmileDirectClub comments, “It’s great to see that the nation is feeling so happy and positive in 2022, even with the cost of living crisis. It has helped that it’s been a patriotic year with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Lionesses bringing it home for England and the men’s gymnastics team winning gold at the Commonwealth Games.”        

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