Pinky – A new kind of Vodka

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Since launching globally in 2008, Pinky’s sexy and sophisticated bottle has been instantly recognizable, but it’s the unique blush hue that has really turned heads.

And that pretty color hides some lovely secrets.

Distilled five times from pure glacial water and slightly sweet winter wheat, Pinky is hand blended with violets, rose petals, and ten other botanicals to create a flavor kissed with the delicate fragrance of a midnight garden (we have champion Scandinavian wine tasters to thank for that).

It’s going to be a beautiful evening.

Pinky is unique, it’s the botanical vodka; it makes drinks better in a way no other vodka does, and it looks like no other – like a beautiful ‘giant perfume bottle’.

The Distillation process

Five times distilled from the finest Swedish winter wheat. The distillate is drawn at the upper temperature range, capturing the lightest and purest spirit. The Water used is drawn from Lake Vattern, noted as the worlds clearest lake.

Inspired by a beautiful perfume

Made like no other, inspired by the creation of a perfume, twelve individual and separately distilled botanicals, including rose petals, violets and strawberries are hand blended into the purest vodka made from winter wheat and glacial water. Makes drinks taste better

The Science bit – Pinky’s taste enhancing properties are driven by esters (naturally present in the botanical ingredients and perfectly captured through distillation). The esters found in Pinky make fruit and herb based cocktails come to life…simply put, Pinky makes your favourite drinks taste better. Tasting notes

“Wild strawberries, mango, Italian citrus with a hint of green pepper”

Everyone loves our signature cocktail, the Pinky Swear, and every bar and every home has the ingredients:

Pinky Swear

Pinky Swear

2 parts Pinky

1 part cranberry juice

1 part orange juice

1 part sparkling water

Add a squeeze of fresh lime

and serve over ice.

More cocktail recipes for Pinky can be found here

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