3 Great Fitness Tips for Busy Students

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3 Great Fitness Tips for Busy Students

A staggering 70% of all university students gain between 15 and 20 pounds during their first year in university. This makes university students much more vulnerable to weight gain than high school and pre schoolers.

For many students, exceptionally busy schedules are to blame for their weight gain. Being unable to exercise regularly, many university students develop a low metabolism and unhealthy eating patterns. Despite the grim statistics however, it is very possible for busy students to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Below are three tips for busy students who want to stay fit.

Join a Sports Club or Society

Maintaining high fitness standards requires dedication, commitment, and support. Therefore, one of the best ways for students to stay fit despite their busy schedules is by joining a sports club.

Joining a sports club or society will help a student balance between exercising, attending classes and maintaining an active social life. Students taking overly demanding courses, e.g. a higher education leadership degree course, can benefit immensely from joining a sports club. This is because sports clubs offer students an opportunity to interact with other like-minded students. This way a student does not have to give up on their social life to maintain healthy fitness standards.

Opt for Walking and taking the Stairs

Walking is often the least preferred method of getting around, however, it is also the most physically rewarding. Walking can be a great workout routine that is also easy to implement.

One of the main benefits of walking is that it raises a person’s heart rate. Additionally, walking strengthens the calf, glutes and quad muscles. For university students, walking is one of the easiest and least time-consuming exercises.

Indoor Workouts

While exercising inside a dorm room is not recommended, there are times when students have no option, for example when it is raining. In such instances, students should take advantage of the time they have to exercise. Tools such as resistance bands are great for exercising with indoors. A stability ball can also be an ideal exercise tool for indoor routines. Simple calisthenics exercises such as burpees, push ups and jumping jacks can also do wonders to increase your heart rate and metabolism.

Workout with Friends

A student’s motivation to exercise regularly is lowered by the burden of studies, assignments, and numerous tests that characterize university life. This applies to online as well as offline students. Finding friends who share your love for exercising can be a great motivation booster. Additionally, friends can offer a strong support structure for students taking online courses which often have to stay behind the computer for lengthy hours. Thus, students taking courses such as accredited online EDD degree courses can benefit from having friends who exercise routinely.


With the above-discussed tips, students can maintain a healthy lifestyle while attending their courses. Ideally, students should exercise for a minimum of at least thirty minutes four times in a week. Additionally, it is wise for students to take advantage of the technology that is available to them.

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