3 Ideas for Starting Your Own Service Business

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Starting your own business can be one of the most rewarding career moves of all. However, although most of us have thought about giving up the 9 to 5 in favour of becoming an entrepreneur and beginning our own business, not everyone is brimming with exciting ideas. Did you know that independently run service businesses are going from strength to strength in recent times?

Let’s discover 3 ideas that can help inspire you to start your own successful service business.

Dog Walker and Sitter

Crazy about canines? Setting up your own dog walking and sitting business could help you to marry your love of dogs with a business idea that can quickly become very profitable. It is no secret that most families own a dog, but due to work and other life commitments, there are an abundance of households out there in desperate need of someone to walk and care for their pets while everyone is out of the house. 

Depending on demand, the location and the time required per job, your rates can vary, and you can even offer deals and discounts for homes with more than one pet, or for neighbours who are happy for their dogs to be walked together. If you are particularly fortunate, you can also have the freedom to structure visits around your own day. For example, this can be done consecutively to amount to a full day’s work or solely in the morning or evening to suit your own commitments.

House Cleaning

In the fast-paced modern world, it is an unfortunate fact that not everyone has the time to keep their home sparkling clean. However, the good news is that an increasing number of people are willing to pay someone else to do the job for them. Dust and dirt are not going anywhere anytime soon, so starting a cleaning business allows you to tap into a growing market with an abundance of clients. 

Wondering how to start a cleaning company? Although some service businesses can have large initial start-up costs, when it comes to house cleaning, at the very minimum all you need is a handful of chemicals, mops and buckets, and a reliable vacuum. Some homeowners even provide their own cleaning materials and tools, reducing business expenses even further. If the business is a success you can even expand into other lucrative cleaning areas such as carpet or conservatory cleaning. 


If you are skilled with a needle and thread, working as a seamstress could be the game-changing business idea for you. You can even work from the comfort of your own home. Handling clothing and fabrics comes naturally to a lot of people, but not everyone has the necessary skills to make alterations so if you are terrific at tailoring, a career in sewing could be your calling.

When working as a seamstress you can choose to specialise in specific types of clothing such as bridal couture, bespoke suits or children’s outfits. Depending on your location, the custom clothing market can also prove fruitful so you might even wish to apply your tailoring talents in this way too. Whether you are already skilled in garment construction or are looking for new ways to hone your abilities, there are plenty of sewing courses to help you to expand your knowledge and grow your service business.

Ultimately, when starting your own service business, it is crucial that you find something that interests you and that you are truly passionate about. Start-ups can quickly become expensive to run, so it is important to plan ahead and do as much research into your target market as possible so that you can prepare for your next steps as a budding entrepreneur. If you are thinking about starting up your own business, then it would probably be a good idea to consider if starting your own business is the right thing for you.

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