3 Reasons Why Becoming a Certified Public Accountant Can Boost Your Accounting Career

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In the highly competitive accounting industry, qualifications can help you to get ahead of the competition. This is not only the case when applying for jobs but also when competing for promotions in the workplace. If you are looking for a career with bright job prospects and diverse advancement opportunities, qualifying as a certified public accountant could be the game-changing solution you need. So, let’s discover 3 reasons why becoming a CPA can boost your career.

Improve Your Salary

Money is not everything but being able to charge a higher fee for your services definitely has its perks. Studies by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy estimate that qualified and licensed CPAs typically earn up to 10-15 percent more than their unlicensed peers. Some larger accountancy firms even offer bonuses to employees who pass the exam as a motivational reward to celebrate the hard work involved. Thinking of taking the CPA exam? Then it might be a good idea to check out these CPA requirements here first.

Demand for accountants is consistently high, and so additional qualifications allow accountants to charge higher fees. This is particularly true for accountants who work independently or are self-employed. Moreover, a CPA qualification signals to a potential client or employer that you have demonstrated an exemplary level of skill within your field and can therefore provide an additional level and guarantee of service that can set you apart from CPAs without a license.

Increased Job Availability

Accountancy is a unique sector which reflects the diverse organisations it serves. Businesses of all sizes need accountants to keep and inspect their financial records. Whether you prefer working with small businesses or have ambitions to work alongside major multinational corporations, year after year, unemployment rates for accountants are significantly lower than overall unemployment figures. Subsequently, in an increasingly globalized world, there are also travel opportunities, from within the USA and beyond. 

Accounting qualifications such as the CPA are an excellent foundation for careers in finance, business forecasting, analytics and much more. What’s more, dealing with the demands of the 21st century economy involves a harmonious blend of financial, analytical and problem-solving skills. Consequently, these abilities can come in useful for a broad range of careers that involve successfully navigating change and complexity to help organisations make better decisions.

Work with Purpose

If you are looking for a fulfilling career that involves a healthy balance of working independently as well as part of a team, accountancy could be the path for you. As a CPA, you can flex your entrepreneurial mindset by establishing your own start up, or alternatively work alongside some of the biggest corporations in the world. Furthermore, accounting has applications both to and from distinct job roles in teaching, sales, and many other sectors, allowing you to satisfy any other interests.

Accounting can also be a foot in the door for government agencies and non-profits, allowing you to tailor your job to your personal interests and hobbies. For example, niche areas such as forensic accounting allow you to work with law enforcement to help make a difference and restore a sense of justice. Above all, qualifying as a CPA carries a certain level of prestige that is highly regarded by employers, clients, and peers. For many, establishing an identity as an esteemed professional with a dedication to the craft is a reward in itself.

Furthering your education by attaining a CPA qualification can help you to enjoy a renewed love for your career and even has benefits for your wider aspirations. Are you interested in qualifying as certified public accountant? If so, make sure to do some research first to ensure that you understand how to take your next steps. 

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