Top Five Fashion Careers for the Non-Designer

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Fashion is so much more than design. If you love fashion and wish you could make your own clothes, but never had the talent for it, then your dreams are not dead. There are so many great choices out there for you, and many designers need you to see their own dreams come to life. 

Fashion Influencer 

A fashion influencer is someone who brings together a community of fashion lovers by showing off their style tips or their fashion finds. They can be a very important tool for brands, and in turn, get paid for their advertisements in cash or with clothes. If you have a flair for social media marketing and run your own blog, this could be a great choice. 

Fashion Journalist 

For a more traditional role, you could look into fashion journalism. This is more than putting together style guides. It means reporting on the business aspect of fashion as much as the latest collections. 

Event Manager for Fashion Brands 

Fashion brands and big events go hand in hand, but you don’t have to just cater to the big brands to do it. Work with smaller brands or even host collaborative events of your own to bring in designers to huge success. A fashion pop up, for example, can advertise local brands, host talks by the designers, and even feature an after-hours social with a paid bar and DJ at a great venue like the White Rabbit

The point is, you can work by being hired by a fashion brand, or you can put together a series of events that fashion brands are then invited to attend. Both can be lucrative, and both give you great control over connecting fashion fans with designers. 


Fashion designers create the clothes, stylists put together the looks. They are essential when creating the overall look that will be photographed or sent out on the runway. A great way to get into this career is to first work as a stylist for small runways, and then use your connections to get onto film sets, fashion photography sets, and more. 

Tip: In the film industry, you will also be charged with deciding on which clothes are worn for the actors’ costumes. Unlike when you work directly in the fashion industry, this can give you greater control. 

Fashion Photographer 

Fashion photographers and videographers turn fashion into fine art with the click of a button. They are necessary for every single brand, though the big bucks will definitely come once you set yourself as an artist of your own. Creating a portfolio and working to be hired by client-after-client is difficult, but it is how you will be able to set your own price and have greater influence over the final look book. 

Fashion is diverse, and finding the right role for you is essential to pursue your passion in line with your talents. Find your own path, and your own way forward, because a creative industry like fashion is fluid, and the possibilities are endless. 

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